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Planning tool for teams

The professional Calendar solution makes your daily life easier by simplifying the organization of meetings. It takes only seconds to identify potential slots for all team members and schedule the meeting. Ideal for improving the productivity of your brainstorming sessions or project follow-up.

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1 deal available for Calendar
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50% off all plans for 1 year

50% off all plans for 1 year

Unlock our Calendar deal and access 50% off all plans for 1 year, saving you up to $960 for your startup. The Calendar promo code / coupon has been redeemed 19 times in the last 90 days. Secret has over 240+ verified deals and discounts for you to save money on the best SaaS and subscription services for your startup to grow.

General information about Calendar

Planning a business meeting is more complex than it sounds. First of all, it is necessary to find a schedule that suits all participants. Secondly, the meeting schedule has to be shared through various channels. In the end, many participants may not be present. For example, they may have forgotten about the meeting or got the schedule wrong.

Calendar’s software is very relevant to overcome all these difficulties. It allows you to centralize the management of all your team meetings.

If a client or an employee needs to speak with you during a meeting, he or she can simply schedule this meeting directly in your calendar. To do this, you can simply send them a personalized meeting link. The Calendar tool will automatically check that there is no conflict between a pre-existing meeting and this new meeting. Thus, a few gestures are enough to plan with Calendar.

Moreover, Calendar is available from any device. Computers, tablets, or smartphones are able to make full use of the features and benefits of Calendar’s online solution.

Over the years, Calendar has become an indispensable reference. Indeed, the largest companies in the world use this software in SaaS mode to manage their meetings. Examples include Salesforce, Samsung, Amazon, SpaceX, Facebook and Hubspot. All of these companies are renowned for their performance.

Interested in Calendar? Get 50% off all plans for 1 year on Calendar with our promo code and save up to $960.

Calendar pricing



5 users

Personalized Calendar link

Connect 1 calendar

2 customizable scheduling time slots



/ user / month

Connect 3 calendars

5 customizable scheduling time slots

Unlimited users

Calendar analytics



/ user / month

Connect 10 calendars

50 users

White labeling on personal scheduling pages

Up to 50 guests

Calendar features

Streamline meeting scheduling

  • Unify the team calendar

    Each employee may use a different calendar and meeting information can get lost or become unreadable. Instead, with Calendar, you have a unified online calendar to improve productivity and save time.

  • Find the perfect schedule, quickly

    Calendar offers a “Schedule Finder” feature that makes it easy to schedule a meeting with other employees. There is no need to spend hours chatting or emailing. Calendar will find the right time for you based on availability.

  • Make life easier for your sales team

    With the automatic synchronization calendars and an equitable distribution of leads, your collaborators do not risk missing a prospect or overbooking it. Calendar eliminates email exchanges between teams and helps increase productivity.

  • Analyze your calendar in detail

    More than just organizing meetings, Calendar is able to optimize your time. A clear and ergonomic dashboard shows you the distribution of meetings, classified according to the type of event. You can also improve your organization.

  • Discover an intelligent calendar

    The strength of Calendar? Artificial intelligence. This means you can enjoy a smooth and personalized calendar experience. The more you use it, the more it learns. It can offer you one-click scheduling or time zone recognition.

Calendar: Pros & Cons


  • Ergonomic: The interface is easy to use and easy on the eye
  • Connection with third-party calendars: The tool is compatible with Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar.
  • Machine learning: The software uses machine learning to speed up the organization of meetings


  • Limitation of the free offer: Only 5 employees can access the workspace
  • No analysis for teams: Teams cannot benefit from Calendar Analytics
Interested in Calendar? Get 50% off all plans for 1 year on Calendar with our promo code and save up to $960.

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