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Customer Support Software

Customers demand a support service that meets their expectations. To respond quickly and efficiently to all their requests and to satisfy customers, the ideal solution is to use customer support software. This will enable you to centralize all the information required for a personalized and quality service in one place. This will allow you to streamline the operation of the technical and commercial support service.

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About Customer Support

What is customer support software?

Customer support software, also called customer service software, is a CRM tool. It allows you to centralize customer requests from different channels (telephone, email, chat, etc.) and to respond to them efficiently.

In this way, requests relating to technical problems are redirected to technical assistance, while requests for commercial information are handled by the right employees. The idea is to make customer service more fluid and efficient. Requests are processed more quickly and efficiently. In addition, ticket management is important to ensure that no request is forgotten and that it is properly resolved.

In addition, the centralization of customer data allows questions to be answered more effectively. For example, the serial number of a device or the history of customer-company exchanges will make it possible to better identify the user’s needs and respond more appropriately.

This also improves the working environment of the staff. They have access to the right information at the right time. This saves time, improves efficiency and reduces staff stress. It is also an effective way to build customer loyalty by providing more relevant and personalized responses.

Which customer support software is most used by startups and small businesses?

To ensure continuous improvement of the customer experience, you need a CRM solution that is perfectly suited to your needs and is quick to learn. This way, your staff can respond to customer requests quickly while delivering a solution that meets customer expectations.


This is one of the most popular customer support tools. Zendesk gives you the opportunity to be present at all times on all essential channels. This will greatly improve your responsiveness and efficiency. This platform handles customer requests through bots. The requests can then be forwarded to the sales or technical teams. Your employees can retrieve all the necessary information and collaborate with this centralized tool for incident tickets and customer data. Customers benefit from quicker and better responses to their needs. That’s why Zendesk is a key component of customer satisfaction.


This CRM tool is perfect for improving the responsiveness of your customer service. Indeed, LiveAgent allows you to centralize all customer requests on a single platform. You can then respond to them via a single inbox. These requests can come from chats, phone calls, emails, or even social networks. Agents can collaborate efficiently and access the history of incident tickets. In addition, automation ensures that each customer request is directed to the right operator. Your customers get a clear answer and real expertise. In the end, you boost loyalty while significantly reducing the cost of the helpdesk.


Hubspot offers a complete software suite. It offers a global approach to the customer experience from lead acquisition to customer service. Hubspot’s customer service part is ideal for improving customer knowledge and satisfaction, as it allows you to create NPS satisfaction surveys, but also to centralize customer information or manage incident tickets. Hubspot guarantees you access to a global view of customer relations via complete and ergonomic dashboards. In addition, native integration with numerous business tools ensures that you benefit from a fluid and efficient workflow.

How can I guarantee high quality customer service?

First and foremost, for more efficient customer relationship management, it is essential to put the customer at the center. This is called a “customer centric approach”. This means putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, understanding their expectations, and taking them into account in every decision.

Then it is necessary to identify the customer’s expectations in order to respond effectively. Collecting and centralizing customer data is therefore essential. They will enable your employees to provide a personalized and relevant response to the various requests made by your customers at any time.

In addition, you need to be able to offer an omnichannel and seamless customer experience. So, regardless of the channel they choose, your customers should be able to contact user support and get a response as quickly as possible. Each incident ticket must be followed up seriously if you hope to develop a healthy business relationship with your customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can make all the difference. This customer support software will allow you to centralize data and tasks, improve your reactivity, and make all technical and commercial support actions more profitable.

Can customer support be outsourced?

If you don’t have the resources to build an effective support team, you can outsource your efforts to a specialized support center. These partners will be able to handle customer requests quickly and improve the quality of the customer experience.

Of course, when a customer wants help, they demand a service that lives up to their expectations. For this reason, you need to choose the service provider carefully. They must respect your brand identity and quality objectives. Only then can you benefit from outsourcing your user support.

To sum up, support outsourcing is possible. It is even desirable if you do not have the means to deploy a reactive and substantial team. It is therefore an appropriate decision to retain your customers and to focus on managing your business.