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Online Banking Software promo code – March 2023

Online Banking Software

Over the years, the traditional banking sector has evolved towards a digital offering. Today, the big banks stand alongside disruptive fintech players. All of them are competing to offer efficient online banking solutions. For a startup, these online banks are the ideal solution for managing daily cash flow without having to worry about it. Indeed, online banking is ideal because it combines fluidity, speed, and simplicity.

26 products available
logo stripe


Manage your online payments

Stripe is a payment solution for ecommerce websites. It can be easily integrated to your website or app, and allows you to accept your customers' payments.


Waived fees on tens of thousands dollars in Stripe card processing (up to $500)
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logo qonto


The all-in-one business account

Qonto makes it easier to manage your daily finances (credit cards, expense report and accounting). All of it, with no hidden fees or bad surprises.

3 months free on Essential (for businesses), 4 months free on Smart, or 7 months free on the Basic plan (for freelancers) (up to $100)
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logo chargebee


Billing and subscription management for SaaS B2B

Easily manage your subscriptions, recurring payments, billing and accounting. All with automation and reporting features.

Free access to Rise Plan (300$/month) for 2 years from date of coupon application (up to $7,200)
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logo shine


100% online pro account

Shine simplifies the management of your business with a pro account that integrates accounting and billing tools, and allows you to take out business loans at preferred rates.

3 months free on Premium plan (up to $90)
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logo mercury


Online banking accounts and services for startups

Mercury helps startups grow and manage their capital by offering simplified banking services with no hidden costs.

Spend $10K on your debit card within 90 days of account approval and get $500. (up to $500)
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logo freebe


Micro-business management software for freelancers

From the edition of a quote to the declaration of the turnover, freelancers can manage their entire micro-enterprise with Freebe. All the tedious administrative tasks are simplified to leave them time to manage their business and their customers.

50% off on annual plan (up to $42)
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logo mangopay


Secure online payment solution

Whether you are a marketplace, an e-shop, a crowdfunding platform or a B2B platform, MangoPay makes it easy for your customers to pay. Your payment flows are simplified, automated and secure.

€50,000 free transaction volume for 6 months (up to $800)
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logo axonaut


360° Business Management Software

From sales prospecting to cashing, manage all your company's support activities with Axonaut.

3 months free up to 50 users (up to $2,754)
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logo revolut


Multi-currency online business account

Revolut Business is an online account for professionals. Multi-currency, it allows you to easily trade internationally. Thanks to its comprehensive and easy-to-use features, this internet banking account is suitable for all types of businesses.

6 months free on the Grow plan or 2 months free on the Scale plan (up to $200)
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logo chargify


Subscription management software for B2B SaaS

Chargify allows you to bill users easily, with any subscription type you need. Manage subscriptions and give users access to a clear and transparent billing process.

2 months free for a 1 year contract (14 months total) (up to $2,998)
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logo airwallex


A complete financial suite

Airwallex offers a comprehensive suite of banking solutions for professionals. The suite includes business accounts and borderless banking cards to enable companies to expand their business globally and accelerate growth.

Get $300 bonus after $3000 spent through Airwallex Borderless Card. (up to $500)
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logo subops


Optimize the cost of the paid software you use

SubOps tracks for you the number of inactive users for each software you use. You receive alerts via Slack when you pay for inactive users.

Get 50% off for any annual plan (up to $250)
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logo invoiceberry


Online invoicing software to get paid faster

With InvoiceBerry, sending and tracking invoices and expenses has never been easier. Create documents in just a minute and manage expenses and payments from a single platform.

6 months free on Pro plan (up to $180)
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logo silvr


A quick financing solution for your business

Silvr offers an alternative to traditional fundraising. In less than 24 hours, companies can leverage their growth potential. The money borrowed can help launch acquisition campaigns to boost your visibility or be an ideal cash injection at the...

50% of your first financing with no commissions up to 100k€ (up to $5,000)
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logo payplug


Omnichannel payment solution for SMEs

Whether you are selling online or collecting in-store, Payplug is an alternative to traditional banks and makes it easy for your customers to manage their payments.

3 months off on Pro or Premium plans (except Shopify plugin) (up to $150,000)
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logo karmen


Growth capital, without dilution

Karmen is a non-dilutive financing solution for SaaS and subscription companies.

Zero commission on the first €10,000 financed (up to $1,000)
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logo mainstreet


Make money and boost profitability

Mainstreet helps small businesses manage their finances. From relevant savings to profitable negotiations to overlooked tax credits, everything is analyzed in a comprehensive approach. The result is valuable savings and easier business growth.

$500 in credits (up to $500)
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logo square


Suite of software and business solutions

Square’s suite contains powerful solutions to increase revenue, drive business growth and facilitate customer interactions.

Waived fees on $10,000 in transactions (up to $260)
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logo prelo


B2B prospecting platform for solopreneurs

Prelo connects you with the decision makers of top VC-funded startups. You can then easily connect with fast-growing, high-potential companies in just a few clicks on the SaaS-based platform.

50% off all plans for 1 year (up to $138)
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logo cashfree


Next Gen Payment Gateway

Cashfree is a next generation payments and banking technology company that helps 50,000+ Indian businesses collect and disburse payments via more than 100+ payment modes.

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logo brex


Online banking and finance solution

Brex is a 100% online alternative to the classic business bank account. With no fees, no minimums or limits, Brex offers entrepreneurs and startups more flexibility to manage their finances.

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logo revolut business

Revolut Business

Business account and company cards

With Revolut Business, you can manage your business finances without any headaches. Pro account, company cards, transfers, expenses, everything is done online in a few clicks.

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logo gocardless


Software for managing recurring and one-time withdrawals

With GoCardLess, you can drastically reduce unpaid bills by facilitating direct debits from your customers.

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logo carta


Equity. Simplified.

Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.

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logo trica


A Full-Stack Equity Management Platform

Manage it, invest in it

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logo gust


Startup Smarter

The best place to start, grow, and fund your venture.

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About Online Banking

Which banks do startups use?

Startups need an online bank that meets their needs. It should be responsive, offer comprehensive banking services, be easy to use, and have a team of professionals available when needed. Some banks meet these criteria perfectly and are therefore widely used by startups.


To start with, we have Qonto. This online bank, specialized in the domain of self-employed, small business, and startups, offers a comprehensive and qualitative range of services. Opening an account is just a few clicks away and Qonto even offers to help you set up your business. Specialized advisors are quickly available via chat. Once you are a customer, Qonto allows you to manage your finances on a daily basis by offering physical or virtual bank cards, SEPA transfers, expense reports, and automated accounting. In addition, to better manage your expenses, it is possible to create a bank account for each expense item (wage, suppliers, contributions, taxes, etc.).


Then there is Shine. This is an essential online bank that offers a variety of banking services. Via the mobile application, you have access to an unlimited transaction history, real-time notifications, and complete bank card settings. In addition, the account includes accounting and billing tools to ensure that you can manage your spending quickly. Various insurances are included to further simplify your daily life. If you have any questions, a team of experts is available 7 days a week to help you with your administrative procedures. Finally, your money is insured up to €100,000 by the Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR).


Anytime online banking offers banking solutions for different types of businesses: self-employed entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and startups. With a bank account and a dedicated API, Anytime also offers you the possibility to automate the management of your finances to the maximum. From cards for each employee to international transfers and cheque cashing, this online bank offers you a complete service. Speed is at the heart of the experience, as you will be able to digitize your expense reports, use virtual cards to pay your suppliers in a few clicks, or make group transfers to optimize your time.

What is online banking?

An online bank is a banking institution offering services accessible via a web browser and/or a mobile application. Sometimes it is just a subsidiary of a traditional bank, but it can also be a part of 100% online banks created by Fintech.

These online banks offer a range of core banking products such as a current account and payment facilities. Offers for individuals also generally include savings products or consumer credit. Thus, online banking is above all a dematerialised bank benefiting from the advantages of digital technology.

What are the advantages of online banking for startups?

First of all, an online bank usually tries to differentiate itself from a traditional bank. To do this, it must capitalize on its strength: dematerialisation. This characteristic offers essential advantages such as responsiveness. Indeed, an online account is accessible at any time and any place. 

For professionals launching a startup or striving to grow it, time is precious. For this reason, not having to travel or make an appointment with a bank advisor is invaluable. Alongside accessibility, we find immediacy. Opening an account quickly in an online bank, unlike a traditional bank, is a great convenience. Even setting up a company and desposting capital are steps that are taken in record time.

Finally, this type of bank is ideal for controlling your expenses. Bank charges are reduced to a minimum or even non-existent. All this means that you don’t have to strain your budget unnecessarily, while still having access to a quality bank account that is adapted to your needs.

How to use online banking to manage your business when you are a startup?

Online banking will save you a lot of time. Via your business account, you will be able to centralize your cash flow and keep a close eye on your income and expenses.

In addition, the services offered by your online bank will enable you to manage all your financial activities:

- Use of a bank card for each employee

- Setting up payment limits for each member

- Creation of virtual cards if necessary

- Follow-up of current operations

- SEPA transfers and direct debits

- Etc.

In addition, multiple payment methods will be perfect to adapt to your business needs. You don’t waste time, as real-time notifications on your smartphone allow you to focus on what’s important: developing your business.

Managing your business becomes simpler, as this anywhere bank makes it easy to manage your business. Moreover, the best online banks offer you the possibility to automate your accounting. Freed from the cumbersome procedures of traditional banking, you can optimize your time and concentrate on managing your team.

In addition, some banks offer experts available 7 days a week to help you manage your account, but who are also able to answer administrative questions.

So you can run your business more efficiently with online banking by optimizing your time and improving accounting tracking.