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Human Resources Software

Good employee management is a prerequisite for the success of your company. However, it can quickly become time consuming for your HR managers. Indeed, from hiring interviews to payroll management and annual leave, the tasks of the HR department are numerous and complex. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a human resources management software to streamline the processes, save time, and significantly improve the performance of your company. Especially since well-managed teams are efficient teams with a low turnover rate.

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logo fiverr

Fiverr 1 deal available

Platform for connecting companies and freelancers

Find the best freelancers to meet your occasional or recurring needs.

Fiverr Business free for 1 year + 20% off the first purchase (Save $149)
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logo indeed

Indeed 1 deal available

Easily recruit new talent for your company.

Indeed will help make your recruitment ad more visible and allow you to select the skills required to target your perfect candidate.

€100 credits (Save $100)
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logo willo

Willo 1 deal available

Simple video interviewing, at scale

Simple video interviewing, at scale. Receive authentic video responses to your questions remotely from candidates, anywhere, anytime.

6 months free on Premium plan (Save $180)
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logo deel

Deel 1 deal available

Human Resource management software

Deel helps you hire the right talent in different countries in just a few minutes, and then ensure compliance, deliver payrolls and manage administrative tasks.Easily build your international team.

20% off + Free HRIS (Save $25,000)
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logo pandadoc

PandaDoc 1 deal available

Eliminate paperwork by digitizing your documents with e-signatures

Take the work out of your document workflow and focus on what really matters – your business.

20% off for 1 year (Save $214)
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logo gusto

Gusto 1 deal available

All-in-one HR platform

Gusto helps growing businesses manage their HR tasks easily, so they can keep scaling up.

3 months free / Unlimited users (Save $483)
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logo payfit

PayFit 1 deal available

SaaS tool for payroll and HR management

With PayFit, centralize your payroll and human resources management through a single platform. Automate processes, save time and improve profitability.

1 month free (Save $150)
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logo getaccept

GetAccept 1 deal available

Boost your sales with an all-in-one sales engagement platform

GetAccept is the tool that will help increase your conversion rate. It boosts the engagement of your prospects with quality content, personalized videos, live chats, and more. The platform even allows you to better manage your deal closing!

50% off any plans for 12 months for up to 2 users (Save $270)
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logo remote

Remote 1 deal available

Hire international employees and manage the associated HR paperwork with ease

Remote is the tool that will give you an international HR team to manage the hiring process and your existing employees across different countries.It also allows you to easily pay your employees according to their country's legal requirements and...

30% off for the first year (Save $2,156)
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logo freshteam

Freshteam 1 deal available

Intelligent HRIS software

Freshteam allows you to manage your HR tasks from anywhere. From recruiting to leave management to centralizing employee data, this tool will save you time by simplifying your HR tasks.

90% off the Pro plan for 1 year (Save $100,000)
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logo remotive

Remotive 1 deal available

Hire the perfect remote talent

Post your job ad on Remotive and reach 31,000 qualified remote quandidates. Let serious candidates apply and hire the best talent.

Get 20% off any remote job posting (Save $79)
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logo thankz

Thankz 1 deal available

The offshore recruitment solution that helps grow your business

Your needs are taken into account by the Thankz team who then source and manage the best talent that will help you and your company thrive.

30% off for any plan (Save $1,500)
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logo content beta

Content Beta 2 deals available

Add a full-time creative without the cost or risk of hiring in-house talent.

Content Beta allows you to quickly add a graphic designer, video editor or  motion designer to your marketing team without the cost or risk of hiring in-house talent. Flat monthly fees starting $990 per month. Exclusively yours, 30-day guarantee.

2 deals available - $1,000 in credits on any annual plan (Save $1,000)
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logo lano

Lano 1 deal available

International hiring solution

Lano provides a unified solution for hiring, managing and paying employees and contractors in over 170 countries - without the need of legal entities. The platform allows businesses of any size to streamline and automate their global workforce...

6 months free of Employer of Record services (Save $3,000)
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logo signnow

signNow 1 deal available

Cloud-based electronic signature solution

Speed up records management with the signNow tool. Sign documents, generate agreements, negotiate contracts quickly, and accept payments seamlessly, all with legally binding online signatures.

10% off any annual subscription (Save $360)
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logo rippling

Rippling 1 deal available

Workforce management platform

Rippling is an online tool to simplify the management of your business. This platform centralizes human resources, information technology and finance in one place. Optimize your processes, save time and improve your profitability.

6 months free (Save $1,920)
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logo oneflow

Oneflow 1 deal available

Contract management software

The Oneflow solution offers you the possibility to manage all your contracts in one place. You can then create, sign and monitor your contracts with ease. You save time and make it easier to manage your business.

50% off any plan for 12 months, or 75% off for 12 months when connecting with your CRM (Save $2,700)
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logo ashby

Ashby 1 deal available

All-in-one recruiting platform

Ashby’s software guides you through the entire recruiting process to find the best candidates. Relevant to both growing startups and IPOs, Ashby helps you achieve recruiting excellence.

20% off all plans for 1 year (Save $960)
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logo guideline

Guideline 1 deal available

Retirement planning platform

Guideline’s retirement planning software helps you prepare for your retirement or the retirement of your employees. Customizable retirement plans and retirement accounts allow you to save and organize your future retirement with peace of mind.

3 months free (Save $387)
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logo legalstart


Legal platform for company creation and management

Legalstart is the platform that will accompany you in the creation and management of your company, and all 100% digitally. Your procedures are simplified and fast, and experts are there to accompany you throughout your process.

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logo livestorm


Platform for online meetings, webinars and events

Organize your meetings, webinars and events online in a few clicks and promote them from a single platform.

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logo contract factory

Contract Factory

Create your company, contracts, and manage your legal documents quickly and efficiently

ContractFactory allows you to take care of all your documents and legal formalities online, 100% legal and corresponding exactly to your personalized needs.

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logo taleez


Manage your recruitments from A to Z

Taleez offers intuitive tools to modernize your recruitment process, from talent sourcing to application management.

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logo captain contrat

Captain Contrat

Legal management platform for your company

Captain Contrat is an online legal service for entrepreneurs and managers of very small businesses. Experts answer all your legal needs so that you can really concentrate on your business.

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logo contractbook


Everything you need to make better contracts

Contractbook is a digital contract management platform where you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contracts in one flow.

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logo seeqle


Make the entire web your own candidate pool

Only 20% of job applicants are actively seeking employment. Attract passive candidates and reach 100% of the labour market.Seeqle's AI targets the right candidates based on their socio-demographic and behavioral data to show them directly your job...

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logo achieved


Stay aligned, work together, work better.

Achieved helps you build a sense of belonging among your team, helping people stay inline with your company’s objectives and track achievements.

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logo briq


Team motivation powered by recognition

Briq is an employee rewards and recognition software, based on a virtual credit system: briqs. It's been designed to help HRs and managers increase employee engagement by giving recognition and rewards on a regular basis. Briq fosters peer-to-peer...

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Hire the right talent, with the right skills

Spending more time on hiring right team than your business? Shine Lite is the right solution for you.

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logo xoxoday


A fully integrated suite of rewards and incentives products

Our mission is to put human motivation at the center of business growth through technology. Our robust rewards and incentives infrastructure makes the whole process a breeze.

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logo sprigghr


Performance Management Made Simple & Effective

SpriggHR makes performance management simple, effective and affordable. Pick and choose from a comprehensive set of modules built for small and medium sized businesses.

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logo marquee benefits

Marquee Benefits

Employee benefits packages, crafted to support financial, physical, mental health and work-life balance

Employee Value Proposition: Marquee Benefits has created an employee benefits program for smaller employers that allows members to choose their level of coverage.

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logo alan


Health insurance that makes it simple.

7,000 companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, and thousands of freelancers trust Alan for their health protection.

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logo workstrat


Only hire the best

workstrat believes great organizations are built by great humans– so they make people your competitive advantage. Through best-in-class recruitment practices, they hire the very best for your business.

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logo zelt


Manage HR, payroll and IT in a single system

Zelt is a cloud application you can use to onboard new joiners in 2 minutes and manage HR, payroll and IT from a single system of employee record.

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logo motivosity


Boost employee engagement and motivation

Motivosity brings value by providing a platform that helps companies build a culture of appreciation and recognition among employees, leading to increased engagement, productivity, and retention.

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logo jobdiva


Revolutionizing the way staffing agencies work

JobDiva is a cloud-based recruitment and applicant tracking software that provides value through its ability to streamline and simplify the recruiting process, improve candidate selection, and help companies manage their workforce more efficiently.

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logo bonusly


The fun and easy way to give employee recognition and rewards

Bonusly brings value by providing a fun and easy-to-use employee recognition platform that helps companies foster a positive work culture, improve employee engagement, and increase productivity.

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logo patriot payroll

Patriot Payroll

Effortlessly manage payroll

Patriot Payroll brings value by providing an easy-to-use payroll software solution for small businesses, saving them time and money while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

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logo greenhouse


Empowering businesses with modern hiring software

Greenhouse is a recruiting and onboarding software that helps companies find, interview and hire the best candidates while providing a positive candidate experience.

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logo breezy


Your all-in-one recruiting platform.

Breezy brings value to businesses by simplifying and streamlining their hiring process with an easy-to-use applicant tracking system.

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logo aps payroll

APS Payroll

Streamline your payroll

APS Payroll brings value by providing a comprehensive payroll and HR solution that simplifies the process for businesses, saves time and money, ensures compliance, and improves employee satisfaction.

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logo ziprecruiter


The smartest way to hire

ZipRecruiter is an online job board that connects employers with job seekers through its AI-powered matching technology and a wide distribution network, helping both parties find the right match quickly and efficiently.

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logo avtaar


Hire rockstar interns in 30 mins

Internship-as-a-service to startups

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logo paycor


Manage your workforce more efficiently

Paycor provides an all-in-one HR and payroll platform, combined with expert support, to simplify and enhance the employee experience while helping businesses streamline their operations, comply with regulations, and achieve their goals.

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logo huminos


Accelerate performance with huminos

huminos is a comprehensive performance conversations platform that helps your employees to achieve impactful outcomes, even if they are working remotely.

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logo paycom


Simplifying Payroll and HR

Paycom is a cloud-based human capital management software that streamlines HR and payroll processes, allowing companies to save time, increase efficiency, and remain compliant with regulations.

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logo scouth


Overseas headhunting service

Scouth is a productized headhunting service, connecting startups with Argentinian talent.

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logo highflyers


Aim high, fly higher

The high-end recruitment agency that connects people and companies with specific objectives.

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logo figures


Compensation Data for startups & scale-ups

Figures is the only relevant compensation benchmark for start-ups and scale-ups in France (and soon, Germany). Clients can use Figures to compare their salaries with those from 95 different companies ranging from 6 to 800 employees.

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About Human Resources

What are the best human resources management software?

If you want to take full advantage of a HR management solution, you need to choose the best tools available on the market. To help you in this process, we present some examples of SaaS solutions known for their performance. They will allow you to automate or facilitate tasks related to human resources.

First and foremost, one of the most reputable HR software is without a doubt Gusto. This all-in-one solution allows you to manage all HR administrative tasks with ease. On the other hand, the tool centralizes all tasks, but it also automates a large part of them. Employee payments are made in just a few clicks. The documents are also compliant and the mandatory taxes are automatically included. Via Gusto, HR teams can also track employee attendance, vacation dates, and even hire new talent with ease. Your HR experts can save time and can significantly improve the performance of the HR department.

If you already have international activities or if you want to start an internationalization process, the SaaS Deel is made for you. Indeed, the objective of this tool is to allow you to find the talent that your company is missing, regardless of its location in the world. With Deel, you can easily hire a new employee in minutes and secure the recruitment process by ensuring local compliance. You can send the employment contract or manage the payroll remotely and build a competent international team with complete peace of mind. In addition, Deel integrates perfectly with the task management or compatibility tools you already have to boost your efficiency.

Finally, we can only recommend Freshteam. This tool centralizes all HR department processes. First, you can discover the talent you need, then set up interview appointments via Freshteam, and finally ensure the onboarding of the candidates. Once these employees have joined your company, this software allows you to track their absenteeism rate or manage leave. You can save a lot of time using a single tool to manage all these tedious and time-consuming tasks. Your HR department employees can then focus on high value-added tasks, and improve the performance of your teams.

Why human resources management software?

The organization of a company, whatever its size or sector of activity, is a complex thing. For this reason, it is important to use the right tools to save time and improve performance. This is why some software is nowadays a must, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage the relationship between the company and its customers. But what about employee relations? For an optimal personnel administration, it is necessary to use a human resources management software.

First of all, it will enable centralized management. Thus, all employee information: employment contracts, contact information, training certificates, etc. are stored and managed in one place. Moreover, it is also a tool for employees, as they can access a SaaS human resources solution and consult the documents that concern them. They can thus follow the evolution of their requests for paid leave, the reimbursement of expenses, or the management of working time.

For these reasons, a HR solution is ideal for improving the quality of life at work. Personnel management is facilitated and social dialogue is more fluid and constructive.

Finally, it facilitates the work of HR department managers. The automation of administrative tasks is perfect to free up time and to better respond to employee’s requests. The reliability and ease of the processes allow to deploy schedules faster, to produce payslips on time, or to manage absences with more reactivity.

Adopting a human resources management software is very relevant. The automation of tasks combined with the readability of information displayed on different dashboards boosts the company’s performance. The HR management process is then more fluid and allows to establish a positive atmosphere within the premises.

What is human resources management software?

A human resources management software or HR management ERP is used in small and medium-sized companies, but also in large groups. Indeed, as long as the company has a sufficient payroll, the use of an adapted management tool is necessary.

A software of this type is intended to manage the personnel and to facilitate the administrative tasks of human resources departments. For this reason, many functionalities are integrated into such a tool:

- Payroll management

- Skills management

- Reimbursement of expenses

- Management of work schedule and absences

- Management of employee recruitment

- Follow-up of annual interviews

- Creation of schedules

- Etc.

Of course, the functionalities can vary greatly from one software to another. Indeed, some are specialized in one field, while others represent a complete HR management solution. In any case, the use of HR management software is essential to increase employee productivity, secure processes, improve internal relations, and promote agility within the company.