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Social Media Software

Social media are among the best acquisition levers for a company. Indeed, on these channels, it is possible to launch advertising campaigns, exchange with customers, and deploy content marketing. All this allows you to target qualified prospects and generate traffic to your website. However, for your efforts to be successful, it is best to use SaaS-based tools dedicated to social media marketing.

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logo socialbee

SocialBee 1 deal available

Social media management tools

Publish content, manage your posts and follow your performance across all your social networks from a single interface.

50% off the plan of your choice for 6 months (Save $237)
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logo agorapulse

Agorapulse 1 deal available

Manage all your social media with an all-in-one tool

Agorapulse helps you control all of your social media accounts while saving time: get access to an inbox to keep track of interactions; collaborate, schedule and publish your content; get reports on your performances. All of this, in a single...

30% off on the annual Pro and Premium subscriptions (Save $670)
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logo e-goi

E-Goi 1 deal available

Multichannel marketing automation solution

E-goi is the tool that will let you handle all your marketing tasks and use automation to work efficiently. Gather your campaigns in a single tool: email marketing, SMS marketing, web push notifications, social media post management, landing...

6 months free on Starter plan (5000 contacts max) (Save $260)
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logo favikon

Favikon 1 deal available

A platform to develop your influence strategy

Favikon helps you improve your visibility and reach a wider audience. By easily finding influencers, the platform is ideal to develop your community and to be present on social networks via influencers. You can thus launch a social media strategy...

50% off on all plans up to 1 year (Save $1,494)
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logo content beta

Content Beta 2 deals available

Add a full-time creative without the cost or risk of hiring in-house talent.

Content Beta allows you to quickly add a graphic designer, video editor or  motion designer to your marketing team without the cost or risk of hiring in-house talent. Flat monthly fees starting $990 per month. Exclusively yours, 30-day guarantee.

2 deals available - $1,000 in credits on any annual plan (Save $1,000)
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logo blue strawberry

Blue Strawberry 1 deal available

Social marketing platform

Blue Strawberry’s solution allows you to manage your social media strategy by taking full advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence. You can expand your reach and get more leads with social networks.

60% off the Professional or Standard plan for 12 months (Save $900)
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logo saral

Saral 1 deal available

Complete solution for influencer marketing

Saral offers to centralize all the actions necessary for effective influencer marketing. This way, you can find the contact information of creators to contact them as well as send awareness campaigns.

50% off for 1 year (Save $894)
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logo 1 deal available

Ad creative generation using AI

AdCreative is a solution for creating advertising content using artificial intelligence. Save time, reach and surprise your audience while boosting your conversion rate.

30% off all plans lifetime (Save $5,364)
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logo vaizle

Vaizle 1 deal available

Social media analysis tool

The Vaizle SaaS platform offers you the opportunity to accurately measure the impact of your social media strategy. Whether you are a company, an agency or an influencer, advanced analytics will help you gain visibility and increase your...

50% off for 1 year (Save $1,794)
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logo crowdfire


Manage and optimize your social media presence efficiently

Crowdfire allows you to monitor your social media channels and publish content quickly, in line with all your business news. Schedule optimized posts to attract more traffic and engagement.

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logo viralstat


See what trends your competitors are following and get ahead to grow your audience

Easily analyze social media networks and video platforms to stay on top of the latest trends. Create content your audience wants to see.

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logo marketing 360

Marketing 360

Your all-in-one marketing solution

Marketing 360 brings comprehensive marketing solutions that help businesses grow their online presence, increase leads and sales, and improve customer engagement.

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logo bitly


Shorten. Share. Measure.

Bitly is a URL shortening and link management platform that offers businesses and individuals the ability to create, share, and track shortened links, providing valuable insights into audience engagement and behavior.

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logo anyword


AI-powered copywriting platform

Anyword’s copywriting solution creates quality content that is perfectly aligned with your marketing strategy and brand image. By tapping into your data, the AI-powered platform produces all the content you need.

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About Social Media

Why do startups benefit from social media marketing?

One of the pillars of success for a startup is to get people talking about it. This is the way to profitably market your products or services.

Building your digital storytelling is one of the priorities in this respect. Indeed, to increase the visibility of your project and improve the referencing of your website, you must ensure a digital presence. This should enable prospects to better understand your values and your business proposition.

Being present on social media is therefore a must. It is the ideal place for marketing and business communication. Through community management techniques, a startup will be able to animate the networks in order to develop its community and this generate notoriety.

New customers will then be reached on different social networks. These customers can eventually be turned into brand ambassadors and develop positive word-of-mouth.

In addition, many startups can use social networks to recruit new employees and expand their network. This is because the most diverse and committed profiles are found on social networks. It is therefore the place to be in order not to miss the latest trends and news.

Thus, social media are important assets for any small business trying to accelerate its growth and boost its visibility on the web. This is especially true for a startup that needs to assert its image and reach an often young and active target audience to achieve its business goals.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is ideal for improving your business strategy and optimizing your ROI. Indeed, implementing an adapted strategy on social networks allows you to achieve many important marketing objectives:

- Improve your visibility

- Generate qualified traffic

- Promote your products and services

- Develop relationships with your customers

- Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

- Find talent

- Etc.

Once you have identified your target audience and created personas, you will be able to set up a content strategy. The editorial line must correspond to your company’s values in order to improve your brand awareness.

The regular production of quality content will create a community with your target audience. The latter is then more likely to acquire your products or services. If you continue to improve your relationships with these customers over the long term, they may even become ambassadors. In turn, interacting with the most active ambassadors will increase your impact on the web and boost your brand awareness and sales.

In short, developing a social media marketing strategy will allow you to work on your image in the long term. This positive image will necessarily increase the generation of qualified leads and lead to an increase in your turnover.

What is the best tool to manage your startup’s social media?

If social media are opportunities for your startup, it is necessary to have the most advanced software to manage them efficiently. These will save time through marketing automation. Moreover, they will allow you to refine your strategy at any time thanks to the numerous data collected. This data is essential to have a good visibility on your acquisition channel. Performance indicators will then be used to identify the points of your offer that needs to be improved.


To manage your social networks with ease, SocialBee is just the thing. This online platform centralizes all the tasks required for a successful social media strategy. To begin with, various contents can be customized with Canva directly in SocialBee. Then, via the tool’s interface, it is possible to publish content on all your social networks. In addition, you can plan the postings in advance to control your editorial planning. A dashboard then centralizes the data to easily monitor the performance of the various posts. SocialBee can therefore be used to ensure a complete follow-up of your marketing strategy on social networks.


This all-in-one tool provides constant monitoring of all your social networks. First of all, you can follow trends about yourself or your competitors. Secondly, you can plan publications that can be published directly via the Agorapulse platform. All communication with your customers is centralized in the tool, allowing your team members to collaborate, follow up on customer requests, and respond in a reactive and professional manner. In addition, numerous comprehensive and relevant reports can be consulted in Agorapulse. This is ideal for evaluating the impact of your campaigns and your editorial strategy. This way, you can adapt your strategy at any time to improve your efficiency on social media.


To be effective on social media, it is necessary to offer your targets relevant content. This content must follow the trends to be attractive and engaging. ViralStat is the perfect tool to analyze social networks and video platforms. By understanding the trends and observing their emergence, this tool gives you the opportunity to outpace your competition. On the one hand, ViralStat identifies for you which influencers you should collaborate with. Secondly, the SaaS software analyzes your social media posts and displays comprehensive data via a dashboard. Thus, the goal of ViralStat is to make sure you don’t miss anything and get the information you need for a successful and relevant social media marketing strategy.