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Website builder Software promo code – March 2023

Website builder Software

In any communication strategy, visibility on search engines is essential. To improve it, it is essential to create a website. It must reflect your brand image and respect your visual identity. Whether it is an online shop or a simple showcase site, the website is the centre of your digital strategy. However, creating a website is complex if you are looking for a satisfactory result. Fortunately, there are many powerful and easy-to-use tools to design a website without any knowledge of computer programming.

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You don't need to be a coder to build software.

Bubble is a code-free programming language that lets you build and host web applications without engineers.

$200 in credits for 3 months (up to $200)
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logo webflow


Create powerful websites, without having to code.

Webflow offers a drag-and-drop visual interface that makes it possible to build and deploy beautiful websites without coding. Webflow then translates your designs into code and online you go.

3 months free on a monthly CMS plan (up to $87)
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logo shopify


Optimize the creation and management of your e-commerce website

The Shopify tool will allow you to create or migrate your optimized online store.Your e-commerce website will then benefit from the tools you need to attract customers, and boost your sales, by allowing you to manage your website with ease.


2 months free (up to $598)
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logo softr


A no-code solution for building applications from your data

Softr allows you to build powerful and user-friendly applications in minutes, without any technical knowledge. By simply drawing on your data, you can create websites, marketplaces, customer portals or internal tools.

50% off for 6 months (up to $597)
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logo weblium


Your website the way you want it

Easily create your own website with all the features you need at your fingertips. No experts needed.

20% off annual Pro plan (up to $19)
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logo wix


Website creation solution

The all-in-one Wix tool offers you the possibility to develop your professional website. You can develop your presence on the internet or increase your sales in a simple and effective way.

10% off monthly or annual plans (up to $63)
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logo pixpa


All-in-one website builder for creatives

Pixpa is the first website design platform specifically designed for creatives. Are you a photographer, artist or designer? This tool offers you the possibility to design a website with an online store, to present, share and sell your work.

50% off for 1 year (up to $157)
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logo jimdo


Website design tool

Jimdo offers you the possibility to create an aesthetic and performing website in a few moments. Ideal for small businesses, this platform contains all the necessary features to quickly produce the website you need.

50% off for 1 year (up to $234)
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Create your website rapidly and easily, and start selling online in no time is the tool you need to start selling online; this tool gives you access to pre-made themes in order to rapidly create a website. You can obviously edit those themes or start from scratch with ease thanks to the in-built drag and...

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About Website builder

What is the best website builder software?

First of all, to identify the most suitable SaaS software for your web project, you need to define your needs precisely. First of all, you are looking for a no-code tool to create a website in a few clicks? Is your ideal tool more of an online shop creation platform that your developers can use? Does the platform need to include easily accessible technical support?

As you can see, choosing the best software depends on both your knowledge of web development and how you intend to use it. However, it is true that most web design tools are now turnkey tools. This means that you can find website design software fairly easily, regardless of your industry or your technical knowledge of computer programming.

Which is the easiest website builder software to use?

WordPress is one of the most famous website creation software. In fact, in May 2021, 41.4% of websites worldwide were using WordPress. It is therefore easy to consider that it is a major player on the global internet.

This software is also one of the most accessible. It allows you to choose from different themes and then quickly design a website. In addition, every page of your website will respect the so-called Responsive Design, which means that it adapts easily to any screen size: smartphone, tablet, or computer.

In addition, more advanced users will be able to further customize the designed sites through the integration of programming tools.

What is website builder software?

Web design software is also called a CMS (Content Management System). Its purpose is to allow any user to create a website easily and without the need for a web developer. However, many developers also use CMSs as they are powerful tools that allow them to design websites in record time. The most famous CMS are WordPress, Prestashop, and Joomla.

These software are perfect if you want to design and put a website online, then manage it on a daily basis in a simple and efficient way. Whether you want to create a showcase site, a blog, or an online shop, website creation software is relevant.

Their strength is that they give a certain autonomy to the user. This means that you don’t need an external expert to manage or update the site. Everything is simplified and accessible in the CMS dashboard. The creation of the pages themselves goes through a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. In concrete terms, the editor integrated into the software allows you to immediately see the result of your modifications. These changes can be made by simply entering text or by dragging and dropping.

For all these reasons, a CMS is ideal for creating a website with an engaging homepage and exciting blog pages. With such a tool, you have all the tools you need to provide a great user experience for your customers.

What is the best software for building a website?

Not all website building software is created equal. To help you with your project, we recommend a few essential tools to save time and build the perfect site.


The reference for CMS. WordPress makes it easy to create your website. All you have to do is choose a theme from the templates available. Then, via a drag and drop approach, you can customize the site as you wish. Extensions or plugins are also available to go further. These allow you to improve your natural referencing, design an e-commerce shop, or add contact forms. In addition, if you need help, assistance is available 24/7.


For any e-commerce website creation project, Wizishop is perfect. The turnkey proposal allows you to create your site by following a step by step guide designed by the Wizishop teams. These same teams then manage the hosting, security, and updating of your site. This solution is therefore ideal to help you to create an online shop in complete serenity and to be able to concentrate fully on the marketing of your products and services. 


Offering a 100% visual interface, the Webflow CMS allows you to transform your ideas into code via a simple and powerful drag and drop editor. To help you design your site, the tool includes tutorials to make the task even easier. This website creation software is therefore ideal if you have no technical knowledge, but still want to enjoy a website with a modern and pleasant design.


Wisepops is not used to create a website per se. However, it is relevant for designing engaging pop-ups and banners for your website easily, and without coding. Text, images, or videos, you decide how to interact with your audience. In any case, Wisepops is a must to boost your conversion rate. In addition, this SaaS tool integrates advanced performance monitoring features that allow you to run A/B tests and synchronize your site data with Google Analytics.