How do I become a member of Secret?

Sign up and fill in the Secret application form. Once your application is completed, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Every single application is manually reviewed by our team to make sure it meets the eligibility criteria defined by our partners. We reserve the right to accept or decline every application.

Can I access to the deals for free?

Some deals ('Standard' deals) are accessible for free. Some other deals ('Premium' deals) are only accessible to our Premium members. Some of our partners offer 2 deals: a Premium deal and a Standard deal.

Why should I pay for Premium access?

Our Premium members can access all the Premium deals (thus, save more money!) and join our Slack community of hundreds of entrepreneurs. Cancel Premium anytime by emailing us at

Are your partners offers binding?

Most of the offers are non binding. You can unsubscribe from any service at anytime.

Can the offers be used if I am already a customer?

Most offers that are listed are available for new customers only. A very few of them can be used by current customers. You can have have this info on each partner’s page.

I am a software company, how can we get listed on Secret?

We look forward to hearing from you! Email Max at :)