Beyond Spreadsheet

With SeaTable, teams can easily organize all their tasks, assets, projects and ideas. It looks like a spreadsheet but structures any type of information, in the cloud or on your own server. Forget inflexible special software and industry solutions. SeaTable is the flexible web solution to design your business processes and workflows. Put together all your information and organize your daily work more efficiently. SeaTable gives everyone in your team exactly the information that is currently needed. Individual views give you the freedom to organize your work exactly as you need it. Link SeaTable with your other business applications and automate your work processes.

General information

SeaTable offers you the platform for flexible collaboration in a team and with your customers. Manage and organize projects, customers, assets, ideas and work results of all kinds in a single intuitive platform and design your individual applications. Whether project or asset management, marketing, HR or creative teams - you will all love SeaTable. With the SeaTable Cloud you can get started right away or you can choose to have complete control over your data with your very own SeaTable installation on your own server.

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€1,000 credits on Cloud Versions Plus and Enterprise (lifetime validity)

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SeaTable features

  • Plus:

    •    Unlimited tables

    •    50,000 lines

    •    50 GB file storage

    •    Unlimited team size

    •    6 months versioning

    •    Plus support

    •    JavaScript support

    •    Advanced sharing permissions

  • Enterprise:

    •    Unlimited tables

    •    Unlimited lines

    •    100 GB file storage

    •    Unlimited team size

    •    12 months versioning

    •    Enterprise support

    •    JavaScript and Python support

    •    Advanced sharing permissions

    •    Advanced customizing (Logo, URL, colors,...)

    •    Automations

  • General functions included in all packages (Plus & Enterprise):

    •    Over 20 column types (images, selection lists, formulas, checkboxes, URL, e-mail, notes,...)

    •    Filters, grouping, sorting and individual views

    •    Allocation of rights for the team or external partners

    •    Calendar, gallery, map & timeline view

    •    Real-time collaboration and comments

    •    Web forms & statistics

    •    Predefined templates

    •    Restful API

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€1,000 credits on Cloud Versions Plus and Enterprise (lifetime validity)