Software suite for sales, marketing, and customer service teams

FreshWorks makes it easy to centralize, share and understand data across your business. Your marketing, sales and customer service teams work on the same data to offer a unique and personalized experience to each of your leads and customers.

General information

FreshWorks is made up of two main building blocks: Sales & Marketing on one side, customer service on the other.

Customer service. New channels, new customers, it is not always easy to manage your customer service in an increasingly complex multi-channel world. FreshWorks offers an intuitive platform to manage relationships with your customers in a personalized way. FreshWorks also offers chat and phone customer service add-ons to further unify your customer support.

CRM & Marketing. Align your marketing and sales by sharing data across your business. This allows your marketing team to launch personalized campaigns with high conversion rates and then send qualified leads over to your sales team who benefit from a clear context for each prospect they speak to.

Secret's take

Data is king. But you still need to be able to store it, centralize it and exploit it in order to make intelligent decisions. That's what FreshWorks excels at. It's a SaaS suite specialized in CRM, marketing and customer service which unites all your data. Information collected by Marketing will help Sales to personalize their approach to leads and lead to better conversions. Customer Service can then use the data from Sales to upsell to happy clients.

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Freshworks features

Launch marketing campaigns, capture leads, sign deals and help your customers become more successful, all with one platform: FreshWorks.

  • Personalize interactions with your leads and customers

    Shared data, custom fields, business funnel adapted to your needs, IA and more. FreshWorks has a wide range of tools designed to provide your customers with unique experiences.

  • Improved ticket management

    With FreshWorks, all your Customer Service interactions are centralized in one place. You can prioritize tickets according to custom categories, assign them on the fly to your team member and never leave a single one behind.

  • Collaboration

    With FreshWorks, your marketing, sales and customer service teams work hand in hand and share their data to ensure higher customer satisfaction rates.

  • Analytics and reporting

    Collecting data should always aim at providing more value to your leads and customers. FreshWorks' analytics and reporting makes it easier to make the right business decisions, win more deals and never lose customers.

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$10,000 in credits across Freshworks' products