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Phantom Buster

Ready-made cloud APIs that boost your marketing

Phantombuster leverages the full power of the Web. We provide the pickaxes of the ongoing data gold rush.

Viral Loops

Referrals Made Easy For Everyone

A revolutionary template-based viral & referral marketing solution for modern marketers.

Sales Automation Platform for modern sales teams

Increase your sales team productivity. Start more conversations.


Personalize your emails and automate your follow-ups!

Datananas is an outreach tool that allows marketing and sales teams to find new prospects and engage in personalized discussions automatically.


Your LinkedIn Journey. Automated.

Grow your connections. Build stronger relationships. Generate more revenue. All with smart automation.


Kaspr gives you access to more than 230 million emails and verified phone numbers.

Kaspr gives you access to more than 230 million emails and verified phone numbers.


Find the email and the mobile phone of anyone

ColdCRM gives you access to the largest B2B database in the world, over 320 million contacts at 43 million companies.


Web Scraping and Automation Platform.

Web data for everyone. Captain Data automatically extracts data from websites so you can focus on your most important work.


Make the entire web your own candidate pool

Seeqle is a SaaS for talent acquisition through advertising on millions of relevant websites and mobile applications including social media.


Retargeting, Google & Facebook Ads on Autpilot

Boost your Return On Ad Spend with Azameo. Run ad campaigns in minutes to generate trafic, retarget lost visitors and convert your audience.