We've made Secret affordable so that we are able to help hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe. It's our mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Secret? Sign up and fill in the Secret application form. Once your application is completed, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Every single application is manually reviewed by our team to make sure it meets the eligibility criteria defined by our partners. What are the benefits of Unlimited Membership? By upgrading to Unlimited Membership, you'll get an unlimited access to all of our Unlimited, Premium and Basic deals for 1 year. How much do Secret plans cost? Unlimited membership only costs $199 the first year (then $39 per year). Premium membership only costs $99 the first year (then $39 per year) and Basic membership only costs $39 / year. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Are your partners offers binding? Most of the offers are non binding. You can unsubscribe from any service at anytime. Can I use a deal if I'm already using their product? Most of the deals that we offer are only accessible to new users. However, some deals (like AWS Activate, Notion and Airtable) are accessible to existing users. You can check the conditions of eligibility of each deal on their product page. What is your refund policy? We refund all the users that do not access deals for eligibility reasons Seek all Frequently Asked Questions

33,117 entrepreneurs are using Secret to grow their business

Georgios Diamantopoulos
Founder, Zero to MVP
" A lot of companies are eager to help startups but don't have resources to dedicate. This is where Secret comes in. As an agency, it's something we can recommend to our clientele and show I care for their success and helping them with their budget. "
Aurélien Jemma
CEO, Likibu
" I was quite surprised by the offers displayed on Secret when I initially joined. It worked just exactly as indicated and allowed us to save thousands of dollars. I highly recommend it ! "
Andrew Jernigan
Co-Founder & CEO, Insurednomads
" Whether your are successful company or a startup, you have just found the savings system that will reduce your cost and introduce you to outstanding software and providers of services. I highly recommend that you join Secret, and share the secret! "
Sylvain Ramousse
" I’ve always been a « deal fan » and to launch a new company it’s always a good thing to be able to test solutions on the long run. Secret helps us access big savings and test SaaS products with advantageous conditions; we’ve structured all our internal process and infrastructure with Secret’s deals, and saved more than 6k€! Thanks secret, go go go! "
Reece Couchman
Founder, The Saasy People
" Secret offers a whole host of discounts for the best SaaS products on the market. We're now using best in class software at affordable prices all down to Secret. They also have a great community of entrepreneurs and startups on Slack too, which you get access to when signing up to Premium! "
David Stepania
Founder, Thirsty Sprout
" Secret packs a lot of high-value deals on their website from companies such as Airtable and Sendgrid. It's a must join if you'd like to accelerate your companies growth. We've taken advantage of several deals offered by Secret some of which can't be found anywhere else! "
Matt Delahunty
Co-Founder, Indie Gyms
" When you’re at the beginning stages of a new venture, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you assemble your stack. Thankfully, Secret’s curated list of offerings introduced us to products and services we didn’t know we needed. As a bootstrapped business, Secret’s promotions helped us explore products without significant cost or commitment, freeing us to build with less risk. "
Stephane Gringer
Partner, Chameleon Collective
" Using Secret has opened up new possibilities for some of my smaller clients needing advanced solutions to scale their efforts across marketing and sales. I'm able to put forth innovative growth strategies and systems for clients that were previously constrained by the cost of entry for some of Secret’a fantastic library of platforms. "
Josh Bartolomucci
Marketing Manager, Foxycart
" Secret has helped us discover new tools as well as get free usage for tools we already use. It’s like free money. Sounds too good to be true, but... it’s real! "
David Velardo
Founder & CEO, PickelBall Analytics
" Jean-Loup and Secret have been extremely responsive and helpful to my startup. Their offers have worked perfectly and saved my startup tons of $$ "
Arpit Choudhury
Head of Growth, Integromat
" As a SaaS enthusiast, I believe 'if there's a tool that can help do something more efficiently, it is silly not to use it'. Secret has managed to bring ridiculous deals from some of the finest business tools, including free access to so many (shhh). So if you choose efficiency, choose Secret. "
David Leuliette
" Joining secret helped me —as an independent freelancer— to get some credits on Airtable. This allowed me to automate my new clients onboarding and scale my activity. "