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Automated and behavior-based marketing emails

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Encharge allows you to combine email marketing with behavioral analysis in a simple way. You can automatically send emails based on your customer’s actions on your website. This way you can quickly improve the relevance of your marketing strategy.

General information about Encharge

First of all, Encharge enables you to stimulate customer engagement by sending targeted emails based on actions. You become more responsive and your actions are adapted to the needs and habits of your users.

In addition, your emails can be personalized according to the user, your preferences and your brand identity. The mail editor is ideal for designing customized mails with a simple drag and drop. You don’t need any HTML skills to do this.

You can then deploy lifecycle campaigns based on user behavior. The easy-to-use visual flow generator allows you to kick users out of a flow as soon as they reach a specific goal or action that you set up in advance.

Encharge is also perfect for segmenting your audience and improving marketing performance. Indeed, it offers you the possibility to import user data in real time via your website, your application or your marketing stack.

Beyond emails, Encharge also allows you to automate your entire marketing process via automated workflows. You save time and improve team productivity. Automation makes it easier to convert, integrate and retain customers.

In addition, to refine your customer journey, the software allows you to visualize the behavior of each user. This makes it easy to determine what actions they have taken on your website or application, in real time.

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Secret's take about Encharge

The marketing ads I see on a daily basis online remind me of that one clingy ex that follows you around, reminding you of that one time you showed interest in a relaxing llama yoga retreat🦙 believing you could find your inner zen 🧘‍♀️ They may have you questioning your own sanity… 🤪

What is Encharge?

Encharge is a customer lifecycle marketing automation platform designed to help you automate and optimize your marketing campaigns 🤖 It provides you with key tools and features to enable your business to create personalized and targeted customer journeys. Track customer behavior, segment your audience and trigger automated actions based on specific events or conditions 🎯 The SaaS tool supports various marketing channels, including SMS, email, and in-app messages, allowing you to engage with your customers through multiple touchpoints. Deliver relevant and timely messages to your customers at different stages of their journey, automating your marketing process & personalizing communications to increase engagement, improve conversions and build stronger relationships with your audience 📈

Our opinion about Encharge:

Encharge is a great solution for a variety of businesses across different industries, with marketing automation capabilities to optimize their customers’ lifecycles and enhance their marketing efforts 📩 The platform is especially useful for e-commerce businesses, SaaS companies and startups. Entrepreneurs can leverage the power of automation and automate their customer engagements and customer oboarding, send targeted messages and nurture their leads to reduce churn 💼 Plus, there’s no need for extensive technical knowledge in order to get started on Encharge’s platform! Improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and scale your targeted customer engagement with one SaaS tool 👍

Encharge Pricing:

Encharge has 3 differeent pricing plans available for you to choose from, selecting your plan based on the number of subscribers you have and the key features you may need, from a flow builder to integrations to segmentation. Get 50% off Encharge for 1 year with Secret and save up to $3,594! 💰

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Best Encharge alternatives:

Top alternatives to Encharge’s marketing automation platform include HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Brevo and Pardot. Discover great deals for these types of tools and more on Secret to start saving! 🔍

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1 deal available for Encharge

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50% off for 1 year

50% off for 1 year

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What is Encharge used for?

Encharge is a powerful tool for small businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement. It allows you to send targeted emails based on user actions, ensuring a personalized experience for each customer. For instance, if a user abandons their shopping cart, Encharge can trigger an email reminding them to complete their purchase. The software also allows for easy audience segmentation, improving marketing efficiency. Real-time data importation helps you understand user behavior better, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies. Additionally, Encharge's automation capabilities streamline your marketing process, saving time and boosting productivity. For example, automated workflows can help nurture leads, onboard new customers, and retain existing ones.
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Encharge pricing


Contact sales

For over 50,000 subscribers

Unlimited team members

Dedicated account manager

Free onboarding



/ month

Up to 2,000 subscribers

Monthly email sends: 10x subscribers limit

Unlimited flows

Unlimited team members



/ month

Up to 2,000 subscribers

Monthly email sends: 12x subscribers limit


Transactional emails

Encharge features

Simplify your marketing and increase its relevance

  • Create custom flows

    With Encharge's ergonomic flow generator, you can easily create custom flows for your email communications and customer journey, using triggers, filters, and actions. Simply drag and drop to build each stage.

  • Integration freedom

    Encharge offers native integrations with many popular software, including Hubspot, Chargebee, Stripe, Facebook Ads, and Calendly, making it easy to integrate into your workflow.

  • Behavioral insights

    Analyze your customers' behavior on your website with Encharge's JavaScript code snippet. This tool tracks user actions, such as the number of visits to specific pages, to give you a better understanding of your audience's needs.

  • Segment your users finely

    Aim to segment your users based on how they interact with your emails or the pages they visit on your website. You can also leverage user data from the applications you use.

  • Send transactional emails

    In a few seconds, using the transactional email API, send your customers personalized and aesthetically pleasing transactional emails when resetting a password, making a payment or performing a single sign-on from your application.

Encharge: Pros & Cons


  • Customer support: Customer service is highly responsive and offers quality answers
  • Automation features: Creating automation workflows is quick and easy
  • Comprehensive solution: The Encharge platform is packed with features, making it one of the most complete tools on the market


  • Learning curve: It may take some time to master all functionalities
  • Landing page: The solution does not offer a landing page generator
  • Pricing plans: The platform is expensive for startups

Why is Encharge better than other Marketing Automation software?

Encharge has better positive reviews than Omnisend: 99 vs 97

Encharge is better at customer support than Omnisend: 4.8 vs 4.6

Encharge has better positive reviews than ActiveCampaign: 99 vs 94

Encharge is better at customer support than ActiveCampaign: 4.8 vs 4.5

Encharge is easier to use than Vbout: 4.8 vs 4.5

Encharge has more positive reviews than HubSpot: 99 vs 93

Encharge is better at support than HubSpot: 4.8 vs 4.4

Encharge is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Mailchimp: 99 vs 92

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Interested in Encharge? Get 50% off for 1 year on Encharge with our promo code and save up to $3594.