Build, test and deploy apps and software faster.

CircleCI helps your development teams to better collaborate through continuous integration. Each commit goes through an automated pipeline that tests your code, finds bugs, and deploys to production when all the lights are green.

General information

With CirclCI, your teams of developers gain in agility. Everyone works independently, asynchronously and in complete autonomy. Once a feature is done or a ticket is processed, code goes through an automated pipeline before being deployed to production.

This continuous integration process allows you to go fast while ensuring that only clean code will be shipped.

Bottlenecks are also over: deployment is continuous. But every piece of code is tested before it's merged and put into production. Uninterrupted speed and security for your app or software.

Secret's take

Everyone talks about continuous integration, but few really master it. With CirclCI, not only do you buy yourself peace of mind, but your development and deployment processes become truly continuous.

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CircleCI features

Create and deploy applications and software quickly and securely

  • Compatible with all languages

    C ++, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Python or even Ruby. You can use the language and framework that suits you.

  • Security

    Whether hosted on our cloud or on your local servers, your code benefits from the highest security.

  • Customization of your processes

    You have full control and all the flexibility you need to configure your development processes: build, test and deploy.

  • Advanced cache features

    Speed up your CI processes thanks to powerful caching options (images, source code, dependencies, etc.).

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