Optimize your database and SQL queries

With EverSQL, your SQL queries are on average, 5 times faster. And there's no need to wait, these results are achieved within minutes of starting to use EverSQL.

General information

EverSQL uses AI to optimize your SQL queries. Because a slow database and pages that take too long to load can make you loose potential customers, EverSQL improves the performance of your database.

With EverSQL, you can submit your SQL queries for optimization or let the tool do it for you, automatically. You are always aware of what has changed and how your queries have been optimized.

Secret's take

Your SQL queries work, you get the data you need: fine. But what if you were to optimize those queries to get the same results five times faster? Your pages would load faster and your users would be less frustrated. With EverSQL, not only this is possible, but it's also automated.

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2 months free of the Basic plan, including 1 hour free database performance consulting

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EverSQL features

EverSQL features.

  • Optimization of SQL queries on demand

    Choose your database and submit one or more queries for optimization.

  • Automated SQL query optimization

    Let EverSQL automatically optimize and rewrite your SQL queries.

  • Continuous performance indicators through AI

    EverSQL monitors the performance of your database and suggests improvements that are easy to understand and implement.

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2 months free of the Basic plan, including 1 hour free database performance consulting