Customer service software to optimize your client communication

Freshdesk's intuitive helpdesk solution helps customer service teams optimize their collaboration, better organize their requests, and provide faster and more targeted responses.

General information

The Freshdesk Support Desk tool will simplify the work of your customer service teams. Its intuitive interface allows centralization and better management of tickets and customer requests in real time.

With task automation and recurring request detection, the tool provides appropriate responses in a flash with its chatbots and recommendations.

Secret's take

A customer service department that is overwhelmed by requests coming from everywhere inevitably leads to the loss of (potential) customers.

With Freshdesk this won't happen anymore thanks to a software that centralizes all requests, and where agents can work together as a team to give fast and high quality answers to ensure satisfied customers!

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Freshdesk features

Freshdesk features

  • Optimize ticket management

    Manage tickets received from different platforms in a single inbox. For greater efficiency, your teams can predefine responses and automate different actions on received tickets.

  • Give users autonomy

    With Freshdesk chatbots and widgets, your users can get the help they need at any time. Pop-ups are also available to instantly offer the right solutions to your users.

  • Ensure team collaboration

    Tickets can be shared within the team to allow collaboration on issue resolution. Assign different tickets to certain agents, or let Freshdesk handle this: depending on their workload, skills, etc.

  • Access customized performance reports

    Track your performance with customized reports on your teams and agents. Schedule a recurring delivery date to receive reports directly to your inbox.

  • Strengthen data security

    Customize your SSL certificates to secure your domain or URL. Create secure access for your agents from anywhere, using their IP and single sign-on scripts.

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$1,250 credit (credits only apply on the Pro Plan)