Email management and automation for Gmail

Gmelius allows your team to collaborate more effectively via email from their Gmail inbox.

General information

With Gmelius, tracking emails, scheduling meetings, sharing notes, sending clips to prospects or creating templates for your Gmail inbox has never been easier.

The idea of Gmelius is to make teams that use and communicate via Gmail more efficient.

Secret's take

No one will argue with us when we say that email management is perhaps the most time-consuming task in our daily lives, regardless of the industry we work in. But that was only true before Gmelius. If like most new businesses and startups, you use Gmail as your inbox, Gmelius can save you precious time in managing your email communications.

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Gmelius features

The app that makes your email management with Gmail easier.

  • Shared Inbox

    Do you have shared addresses for customer service or demo requests? Manage them more easily with Gmelius shared inboxes without leaving Gmail.

  • Kanban Boards

    Don't lose important information in endless email loops. Create tasks and cards directly from Gmail and optimize your teamwork.

  • Meeting planner

    Share your availabilities automatically and directly from your Gmail email to your colleagues or prospects. No more endless back and forth to schedule a meeting.

  • Gmail templates

    Instead of rewriting the same email 100 times, create a template and share it with your team to collectively gain efficiency.

  • Sequences

    Schedule and automate email sequences to stay connected with your prospects throughout the sales cycle.

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