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LiveAgent possède le widget live chat le plus rapide du marché et est le logiciel de service d'assistance le plus évalué, n°1 pour les PME en 2020. Rejoignez des entreprises comme BMW, Yamaha, Huawei et Oxford University en fournissant un service client de classe mondiale. Nous proposons aux entreprises un logiciel d'assistance complet qui les aide à personnaliser leurs interactions avec leurs clients grâce à une solution tout-en-un. Notre objectif est de les aider à rationaliser tous leurs canaux de communication en un seul outil. Découvrez plus de 175 fonctions d'assistance et plus de 40 intégrations.

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LiveAgent boasts the fastest live chat widget on the market and is the most reviewed and #1 rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. Join companies like BMW, Yamaha, Huawei and Oxford University in providing world-class customer service. We offer businesses a fully-featured help desk software that helps them bring personalization to their customer interactions with an all-in-one solution. Our aim is to help them streamline all of their communication channels into a single tool. Discover over 175+ help desk features and 40+ integrations.


LiveAgent harnesses the power of an omnichannel universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and a robust customer service portal. Personalize your communication by taking advantage of our customer segmentation, automation, built-in CRM, a powerful analytics package as well as our customer knowledge base.

Universal inbox

It’s like a smarter version of your regular email inbox. Emails, real-time chats, calls, Facebook & Twitter tickets, forum posts, suggestions… It’s all there, accessible and manageable from one place.

Real-time live chat

Talk to your customers in real-time and solve their issues quicker. Prepare your anwers while they are typing their question thanks to real-time typing view. Surprise them with lightning speed follow-ups.

Call center included!

There is no need to ever rely on an external call center solution as LiveAgent has everything built-in. Simply plug in your number, start talking to your customers and utilize the power of voice! 

Multi-lingual support

LiveAgent is partly / fully translated (depends on the specific language) into more than 40 languages to make it as approachable as possible. Stay closer to your local customers with the right help desk tool. Haben Sie Fragen?

Free mobile apps

We understand how important it is to provide customer support even on the go. That is why we have built native apps for both iOS and Android to satisfy your needs. Download them completely for free and stay in touch with your customers outside of the office.

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