Banking built for startups. Expect features, not fees.

Mercury helps startups grow and manage their capital. We offer FDIC-Insured online bank accounts with no minimum opening deposits or required balances. Our bank accounts come with checking and savings accounts, virtual cards, API access, & more.

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- Create checking and savings accounts

- Create virtual and physical debit cards

- Send money with three clicks by wire, check, or ACH

- Integrate with all the tools in your financial stack

- Enable 2-factor authentication and full activity logs

- Enable user permissions and team management

- Monitor your company analytics

- Easily search for transactions

What does Mercury cost?

Mercury accounts are free. We don’t have minimum balances, account opening fees, or monthly fees. The only things that cost money are wire transfers, which are $5 domestically (free for Tea Room customers) and $20 internationally.

Who can apply?

We can accept most U.S. companies that aren’t money services businesses or involved with adult entertainment, marijuana or internet gambling. We’re proud to support U.S. companies founded by people all across the globe, and you can open your account right from your laptop without needing to visit the U.S.

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Spend $10K on your debit card within 90 days of account approval and get $500.

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Spend $10K on your debit card within 90 days of account approval and get $500.