Microsoft for Startups

A unique program designed to help startups grow their business

Ready-to-scale startups receive dedicated support and access to sell with our robust partner ecosystem and alongside our Microsoft sellers, in addition to free access to Microsoft cloud technologies, enterprise-grade technical support, and powerful development tools.

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Program Benefits:

Microsoft for Startups focuses on supporting accelerated business growth through a set of technical and business benefits tailored to help you:

• Sell faster by tapping into to the largest customer base in the world, including global sellers who are incentivized to sell your solution.

• Grow market share via Microsoft’s global channels, entering new markets and geographies through Microsoft’s established global customer base.

• Gain a competitive edge and increase valuation with new leads, enterprise co-sell deals and cutting-edge technology.

Over the course of 12-24 months, startups work with Microsoft to further develop their product, package it for distribution through Microsoft sales channels, and bring it to market in partnership with Microsoft.

Program benefits include:

• Azure Marketplace Onboarding support

• Go-to-Market Resources

• WW Microsoft sellers paid to sell your solution into their enterprise accounts*

• Up to $120K of free Azure Cloud Credits

• Visual Studio Enterprise Cloud Monthly Subscription

• Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) & Dynamics 365 for Talent*

• GitHub Enterprise

• Power Platform

• Office 365 Business Premium

• Enterprise-level, unlimited 24x7 technical support

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Up to $120,0000 in Azure Cloud Credits

Vous économisez: $120000

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Critères d'éligibilité

  • Seules les startups B2B générant des revenus sont éligibles à cette offre.
Cette offre n'est disponible que pour les nouveaux clients
Email us at your website so we can review your eligibility first. You have to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible: B2B sales model with a live website and product-market fit (= currently generating revenue).
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Up to $120,0000 in Azure Cloud Credits