Online collaborative whiteboard

Live interaction and collaboration with your teams via an online whiteboard. Smoothly integrate all your files, images, notes and other documents.

General information

Training sessions, group or solo brainstorming, strategic planning or daily meetings, Miro provides your teams with an interactive online whiteboard to get the job done more efficiently.

Miro is a collaborative tool that allows your teams to carry out their projects, whether you need to conduct research and centralize key data, to build mind maps on the fly or to organize remote or face-to-face workshops.

Gain agility and innovate more easily while maintaining consistency throughout your team work.

Secret's take

A super fun and practical software to use. It's ideal for remote team meetings where everyone can participate at the same time by adding notes, documents and comments. We like Miro because it makes team collaboration fun, encourages everyone to take part and helps us works efficiently as a group.

Accessible to Unlimited & Premium members

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Eligibility requirements

  • Raised no more than $5MM in total funding
  • Incorporated less than 5 years ago
  • Independently owned and operated (not owned by a parent corporation)
  • Fewer than 50 employees (min 2 people team)
  • Not a current paying customer
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Miro features

Collaboration just a click away.

  • Templates

    Miro offers dozens of board templates to help you hit the ground running and work more efficiently (kanban board, mind map, workshops, diagrams, UX / UI research, strategy and planning,..).

  • Integrations and API

    Hundreds of applications are already connected to Miro and you can use the robust API for specific needs.

  • Interactivity

    Embedded videos, images and chat as well as live collaboration tools.

  • Sharing and collaborating

    Share information and data without ever losing tracks of ongoing tasks or documents.

Partner Agencies & Experts

It is with the greatest care that we have selected the best agencies and experts across the world to help you implement, use, and optimize Miro.

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