Collaborate on projects and share data in a single secure workspace.

Communicate and collaborate efficiently and securely with PrivMX. This privacy-by-design workspace will allow you to keep your ideas, communication and data safe.

General information

PrivMX will help your remote team collaborate more effectively. This tool gathers all the elements your team need to work together; they can call each other from the platform, or use the chat to communicate, manage and follow the progress of their tasks so they know what they still have to do, or even share files and ideas. And all of this without having to worry about security, as all data is encrypted.

Secret's take

Working and collaborating remotely is made easy and secure with PrivMX. All the features needed for your team to work efficiently all together in a single place without having to worry about data security.

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6 months free trial + 6 months 50% off

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For teams up to 10 members, 50 GB storage space a month

PrivMX features

Facilitate teamwork and collaboration via a secure platform.

  • Enhance your team's communication

    Communicate via the encrypted chat, video conferencing, text, audio or video messages

  • Secure all data

    Store, share and edit your files and data safely on Zero-Knowledge Servers in the EU

  • Improve task management

    Easily manage your tasks with the tools integrations such as: Kanban boards, to-do lists and calendars, accessible from the chats

  • Boost team productivity

    Use built-in text notes, interactive mind maps and hyperlinked tasks and files to be more time efficient

  • Privacy-by-design: a great fit for all teams working with sensitive data and IP or just searching for a private digital workspace

  • Adapt workflows to your needs

    PrivMX's flexible platform will adapt itself to how your team members like to work, without any strict imposed pattern

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6 months free trial + 6 months 50% off