Automate your LinkedIn prospection to generate more leads.

ProspectIn is the tool that will allow you to automate the generation and manage more leads through LinkedIn, while saving time, thanks to automation.

General information

ProspectIn gives you the opportunity to optimize your LinkedIn prospection by allowing you to target and segment your audience to reach the right prospects.

Once your prospecting scenario is set-up, you can then automate the whole process whether it is connection requests on LinkedIn or gathering emails for your CRM. The tool will save you a lot of time, while enabling you to reach and win more leads.

Secret's take

LinkedIn is the ideal network for prospecing, but it takes lots of time to find the right contacts, add them to your database and try to convert them. With ProspectIn the whole process is automated to help you save time and get more customers.

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ProspectIn features

A platform that automates and optimizes your LinkedIn prospecting process.

  • Create LinkedIn scenarios

    Set up the right prospecting sequence for your needs and get qualified leads.

  • Use advanced triggers to initiate actions

    Assign the actions you want to an event, in order to automate your tasks as much as possible whilst keeping a customized approach.

  • Import or export contacts

    Easily add your contacts to ProspectIn, or export contacts from LinkedIn to your other tools.

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