Error & performance and debugging monitoring for developers.

Sentry is a platform connected to your apps that helps you identify, diagnose, and fix bugs to optimize the performance of your code.

General information

With Sentry, you'll always know from which deployment or which part of your code, an error comes from. You'll be able to trace bugs back to the main source that causes a slowdown or error message in your app.

All errors are centralized in your custom dashboard. Diagnosis and resolution paths can then be sent to the concerned developer to fix the code.

Secret's take

Developers can finally be reassured: deploying code and seeing your phone ringing constantly because the app crashed, won't be a problem anymore. With Sentry, this is over. You monitor your apps and you always know where a bug comes from when it occurs. This way you can fix the problem and sleep peacefully.

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Sentry features

Error-free code, happy developers

  • Discover

    With Discover queries, get detailed information about errors and quickly understand which parts of your code are generating these bugs. Browse the data in table and graph form, or export it to CSV format for further analysis.

  • Errors contextualization

    Sentry makes it possible to know during which specific deployment an error occurred, which facilitates its resolution.

  • Quick bug resolution

    From Sentry, designate the developer on your team who has to solve the bug and send him all the information he needs in just a few clicks.

  • Dashboard

    Customized views to capture at a glance all the errors in every one of your projects or just focus on a single project.

  • Languages and frameworks

    Python, Ruby, Node, JavaScript, Go, iOS, Android... more than 30 languages are compatible with Sentry!

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