Remote teamwork management

Significantly improve the efficiency of your teamwork and project management with a collaborative tool, ideal for remote work.

General information

Slite allows you to organize your documents, share them with other team members, and collaborate on them, clearly and easily.

Choose the organization and structure that best suits your team to start sharing, editing, live or asynchronously.

All your important documents are centralized in one place: you will never lose important information again.

Finally, you can organize your team's work via this performance hub. Everyone knows what they have to do and what their deadlines are. Work with transparency.

Secret's take

The problem with working remotely is that teamwork usually becomes more complicated. You can't get together in a room, scribble a model or a plan of action on a piece of paper, exchange ideas and edit said piece of paper live, then agree and settle the matter in an hour. Except that with Slite, well, you can: you can do exactly that same collaborative work remotely and ultra-efficiently.

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Slite features

Work better as a team

  • Tables

    Create charts, assign tasks and manage projects more efficiently as a team.

  • Mentions

    Comment on documents and mention your colleagues to request feedback or action from them.

  • Documents

    Add all your documents directly into Slite to create a collaboration hub for your team. All information in one place.

  • Drawings and drafts

    Create landing page mockups or a visual representation of your future business processes. Show your colleagues what you have in mind in a few minutes.

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6 months free up to 10 users