Digitize manual tasks via no-code business apps and increase team efficiency and productivity.

Array allows you to build no-code business apps that will let you say goodbye to manual data collection and make your business operations more efficient.

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General information

This tool brings together all the information you need for your business operations in one app. No need to deal with paperwork. You will be able to use and reuse your form and document templates so that your customers and employees can access and complete them at any time on through the app. Even when they don't have access to an internet connection!

You can also automate many tasks such as sending emails or signing documents to avoid wasting time. All data is automatically collected by the platform to provide you and your team with a clear overview and analysis.

Secret's take

Having tons of papers to sign, forms and emails to send, documents to write up... all these operations can take way too much time and it's easy to miss out on information or a task that needs to be done.

Array allows you to have your own no-code business app in no time, so you can collect data, manage teams, generate insights and generally make your business more efficient and productive!

Array features

Digitize, automate and simplify your administrative tasks

  • Create interactive forms

    Allow your team and customers to fill out necessary forms at any time. Use videos and images in the forms when desired.

  • Transform your data into documents automatically

    Gather data from your forms to convert them into documents. You can also import PDFs to create forms.

  • Easily access data

    Create a dashboard to track the data that matters for you.

  • Automate tasks

    Available workflows will allow you to automate operations such as signing documents, sending documents, emails, etc.

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