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CircleCI provides software automation tools for teams to build, test, and deploy quality code faster. Automate your development process with continuous integration in our cloud or on your own infrastructure.

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General information

Automated deployment

Passing pipelines are deployed to various environments so your product goes to market faster.


Your team is notified if a pipeline fails so issues can be fixed quickly. Automate notifications with our Slack integration.

Automated testing

CircleCI automatically runs your pipeline in a clean container or virtual machine, allowing you to test every commit.

VCS integration

CircleCI integrates with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket. Every time you commit code, CircleCI creates a pipeline.

CircleCI features

  • Networking and co-marketing opportunities

  • Access to product roadmap insights

  • Onboarding/technical training sessions with a CircleCI Solutions Engineer

  • Support for Linux, Windows, Arm and macOS

  • Scale up to 8x concurrency

  • 50,000 free build credits/months

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  • Startups with under $4 million in funding
  • Offer also valid for existing CircleCI customers paying under $100 on a monthly subscription
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