Easily store and organize your data

The power of a relational database, without the need to code or use Excel.

General information

Airtable is a SaaS platform that makes it possible to easily manage your business data without knowing how to code. You no longer need SQL, Excel and complex formulae to take back control of your data.

Airtable allows you to easily build and share relational databases. Put simply, a relational database is a complex set of tables (just like a good old fashion Google Sheet but much more powerful) that can be linked to each other and where you can store and organize your data and then retrieve it easily. For instance, you could have tables for a product inventory, a list of customers or employees, current transactions, an order book, etc.

Unlike Excel, Airtable makes it possible to easily create links between your different tables (customers, products, transactions, orders, employees, etc.) in order to obtain great visibility on your data, with just a few clicks.

Secret's take

If your Excel expertise is limited to the SUM function but you need to manage and analyze data to tak effective business decisions, you need Airtable. With Airtable, you can build relational databases quickly and without any technical knowledge required. In a nutshell, this will enable you to better understand your business data, and to be able to use it (at last) to take more informed decisions than sticking your finger in the air.

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Eligibility requirements

  • Your website must be live in order to be eligible for the offer.
  • This offer is for tech scalable startups. If you're not a startup, you'll be granted $500 in credits.
This deal is also available for existing customers. You can add the credits to your account if you're already using this service.

The icing on the cake

Thanks to its advanced features, we were able to move forward in our projects while saving time. We love Airtable for its ease of use. From our team to Airtable: WE LOVE YOU ­čĄę

Ali Karray, CEO & Founder, Orthlane

Airtable features

With Airtable, easily create your own internal tools (project management, CRM, etc.) in order to make the most of your data.

  • Turn your data into actionable views

    Your business data is always changing, the way you view it needs to be flexible too. Create views get and understand the data that matters and make the right business decisions.

  • Automate your data

    Easily create workflows to automate your recurring tasks and business processes.

  • Get custom reports in a few clicks

    Easily create and automate custom reports to see at a glance the information that is really important to your business.

  • Take advantage of hundreds of integrations and Airtable's powerful API

    Connect Airtable to 1000+ apps like the Google suite, MailChimp, Dropbox, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stripe, Trello, Wordpress, etc.

Partner Agencies & Experts

It is with the greatest care that we have selected the best agencies and experts across the world to help you implement, use, and optimize Airtable .

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