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Book and manage your appointments without a second thought

Customer service at its finest - Calendesk keeps you in touch with your customers even when you’re not around.

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Secret's take about Calendesk

Calendesk has undoubtedly changed and improved the lives of many customer service employees with their easy-to-use online booking system. The fact that you can synchronize your multiple calendars together in one spot is indeed very useful - you and your customers know exactly when you are free without having to think about it.

Your customers will appreciate the effort of your team to connect with them at times they can choose, on your very own customized booking page. With no code required, you are unstoppable.

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

General information about Calendesk

Never miss another important appointment with your leads or customers. Calendesk allows your users to book meetings at a time that not only suits them but also you. Automate your emailing and notifications so your customers stay informed of any updates you may have regarding their booking.

Calendesk allows you to improve your customer’s journey through the use of online payment options, subscriptions, and, most importantly, an attractive and customized landing page or website. Interact with your customers on another level and give them the service they deserve. 

Not only will Calendesk’s tool help you manage your bookings but it will also help you with your employee management. You can easily schedule your employees on the roster, available for all of them to see. No more complicated tables in order to define who works when.

Never second guess your appointment scheduling again thanks to Calendesk. The no-code solution allows you to easily manage your appointments without you lifting a finger.

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Calendesk pricing


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Unlimited employees

Unlimited bookings

Unlimited websites

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Up to 5 employees

750 bookings per month

Booking system

1 website



/ month

Up to 15 employees

2,500 bookings per month

3 websites

10,000 unique visits per month

Calendesk features

Calendesk makes it easy for you to connect with your customers and improve their customer service experience.

  • Integrations

    Calendesk’s choice of integrations lets you get the most out of the tool. The automation of your work allows you and your team to perform more productively and provide the best support to your customers. Integrations with tools like Stripe, Google, and Zapier empower your online booking experience.

  • Subscriptions

    Set up one-time or multiple payment subscription options for your customers using Calendesk. Put your mind at ease knowing the revenue you will have each week, month, or year thanks to subscription payments. Let your customers choose which subscription is best for them through your Calendesk subscription page or website.

  • Create your own landing page

    Calendesk’s Virtual Website Builder Assistant will allow you to create your very own landing page, letting you customize it the way you want. Design and edit your website, including the information of your choice such as an “About Us” section so your customer knows exactly who your team is. All this is possible with absolutely no coding experience.

  • Take online bookings

    Quickly and simply set up your online appointment schedule, including your availability and any different options you customers may choose from. Link your schedule directly to your website so your customers can book meetings with you and your team at a time that suits everyone.

Alternatives to Calendesk

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