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Project management in one place: Tasks, docs, goals, and more

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General information

You'll no longer have to use separate apps thanks to ClickUp

Add Kanban Boards, Gantt charts, Calendars, and more alongside docs, conversations, reminders, spreadsheets, and embeds to keep all of your work in one place.

You'll know what everyone is working on. View other peoples' profiles to see what they are working on and what they'll work on next for ultimate and unprecedented transparency.

Everyone knows what to do next. Use Inbox to see what you have to work on next.

All teams can work together. ClickUp's "Spaces" are completely customizable, so every type of team can work together while using their own Space. Use a simple Space for something like customer service and a complex Space for engineering. View every single task across your entire team in any way you want. Sort, filter, and manage all tasks at a birds-eye view.

Automate your entire workflow inside ClickUp using hundreds of prebuilt templates, or create your own with their custom automation builder and API. You can even automate with external applications, like Zapier, Twilio, Airtable, Typeform, and Github

Watch a ClickUp tutorial video tailored to your experience level and start saving one day a week!

ClickUp features

From simple to complex, you can create tasks for anything in ClickUp

  • Collaboration and reporting

    Stay productive with the most cohesive tools to improve your team collaboration. See when other users are editing and avoid collisions, use reports to see what your team is doing, and control your team's and guests' access

  • Process management

    Ensure your projects are streamlined and the steps to complete each task are followed; Customize your workflow with statuses, enable multiple assignees, create recurring checklists, resolve comments, and more

  • Task management

    Organize tasks and make quick changes. Shuffle tasks as the team adjusts to new requirements. Filter, search, and sort your tasks, manage your views, create a prioritized list of tasks, and create free-form Mind Maps for planning

  • Time management

    Schedule time, manage team capacity, organize calendars, track milestones, and sync with Google Calendar. Use due dates to add deadlines, manage capacity and workload, and identify bottlenecks before they become a serious issue

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