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Content Machine

The best content writing tool to reach 1st position on Google.

We offer a content writing tool to help you achieve top positions on search engines like Google. The goal of this new tool is to provide entrepreneurs, site owners and copywriters with a solution to their problems of creating relevant content, in order to maximize traffic and conversion opportunities, by supporting the writer throughout his writing process. After filling in a subject / request on which you want to position content, our tool will be able to provide you with recommendations as to the structure of your article, the keywords you should use in your text, as well as in your titles, sections, make sure that your content answers certain questions relating to the subject / request you are addressing.

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General information

- Proposal of titles and headings: Titles and headers are the most impactful elements on your SEO, rest assured that they will be optimized!

- Optimization score: Track the score of your content evolving, to exceed that of your competitors.

- Competitor analysis: Individually analyze the content of your competitors.

- Relevant keywords: Make sure you're writing quality content with highly relevant keyword suggestions.

- Frequently asked Questions: Answer the questions most frequently asked by Internet users

- Suggested synonyms: Expand your lexical field and position yourself on more requests.

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