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Create your company, contracts, and manage your legal documents quickly and efficiently

ContractFactory allows you to take care of all your documents and legal formalities online, 100% legal and corresponding exactly to your personalized needs.

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General information about Contract Factory

Contract Factory is an online legal service, whose role is to simplify the legal procedures related to the life of a company such as its creation, the various modifications, the drafting of various contracts.

With legal procedures that are difficult to understand and execute, Contract Factory is a facilitator and an accompanier for entrepreneurs that offers better accessibility to the legal system.

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Contract Factory features

The guidance you need to ensure fully compliant legal activity within your business from start to finish.

  • Professional legal documents

    ContractFactory helps you in the creation and establishment of your different legal documents like your Terms & Conditions, Sale of Goods contracts, Service contracts, and GDPR data protection. This not only ensures you are 100% legal compliant but also reduces your risk of fines.

  • Hire employees

    Whether you’re hiring a temporary or a permanent employee, ContractFactory guides you in the creation of your contracts, making sure you are aware of the different legal formalities that come with each different type of contract.

  • Create a company

    ContractFactory helps you decide which legal structure best suits your business. From SAS/SASU to SARL/EURL to SCI, you can be sure to make the right, informed decision.

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