Automate your prospecting and increase your turnover

Datatanas allows you to build the prospecting file you need in no time. You can also set up automated and personalized follow-up emails, so that opportunities are never missed.

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General information

With Datananas you can build a solid and up-to-date lead database, quickly and easily. The tool will also allow you to create prospecting sequences to automate follow-ups.

Advanced reporting features mean that you can analyze sequence performance, generate reply-based reports and monitor team efficiency.

Thanks to its recommendations, you will obtain the ideal follow-up email, to qualify more prospects and get even more appointments.

Secret's take

Prospecting is a key element to the success of many entrepreneurs, but it can be tedious, repetitive, and feel like a lot of time to get just a few meetings. Datananas helps you quickly build lists of prospects that match your targe and schedule a prospecting process to automate follow-ups. Try it and see if your appointments and sales take off.

Datananas features

Build a solid database and an effective outbound prospecting process.

  • Benefit from a targeted database

    Define your ideal persona and benefit from Datananas's expertise to find the right data provider.

  • Broaden your database with your social networks

    Get the emails of your prospects from social networks, with the Datananas API.

  • Design optimized prospecting sequences

    Set up a prospecting process with automated emails and reminders, and define which members of your team deal with which prospects.

  • Get real-time analysis of your pipeline

    Get analytics to understand which of your sales sequences converts best, and check the results of each member of your team.

  • Track the activity of your prospects

    Track the actions your prospects take and generate the correct automatic responses.

  • 1400+ sales and marketing software's integration

    Integrate your other tools to Datatanas and benefit from the sync of your data.

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