Automated test generator for developers and programmers

Devmate allows you to generate powerful tests for your code in an automated way. You get better coverage of your code and more complete tests than if you had written them yourself.

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General information

Devmate generates tests from technical specifications rather than from the source code itself. As a result, the test coverage offered is much more complete.

With devmate, developers can focus on the code itself rather than on the tests: they only have to choose the inputs and expected results, and devmate automatically generates the test in a structured and easy-to-understand way.

Devmate integrates seamlessly into the users' development environment and requires little configuration (you'll be up and running in fifteen minutes).

Secret's take

For the devs who are tired of writing tests all day long, especially to see them fail because they did not take into account all the special cases (while their code, it, works), we present devmate! Configurable in a few minutes, the tool generates very complete tests for you. In short, you write fewer tests and get better coverage of your code.

devmate features

The prerequisites devmate.

  • Test's Frameworks

    NUnit, MS-Tests, xUnit

  • IDE version

    VisualStudio 2019 (version >= 16.3.0).

  • OS

    Windows 8 or latest.

  • Languages

    Devmate is available for C# and Java, other languages will be supported soon.

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