Fully automated AI-powered test code generation

We save up to 75% of software testing efforts. Developers can get rid of boring and repetitive testing tasks and re-focus on their creativity. devmate is an easy to use test code generation tool for professional developers. You put your focus on requirements, inputs and expected outputs. The tool automatically generates test code which is structured, readable and state of the art. devmate integrates seamlessly into the developers environment and is ready for use within 15 minutes. devmate is 100% based on accepted industry standards (ISTQB). Generated test cases are derived from the specification, not from the source code (like most competitors do). Thus, technical errors are found. Supported by AI, you and your team can focus on new features and core work, which results in higher development efficiency.

General information

devmate is available today for C# (7 + 7.3) and Java. More languages coming soon. Environment: Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019 and newer. Supports NUnit, MS-Tests and xUnit. devmate is combinable with several Mocking Frameworks like Moq. devmate automatically combines test data and generated test cases. Easy to understand and state of the art Code Style. devmate supports Factory Methods. Installation and Download: Download from Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace or from the Extension Manager in Visual Studio. Installation takes only 5 to 15 Minutes. No additional software needed.

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