Cloud telephony and call center software

A simple solution to manage all your telephony needs: call center, customer support, sales, daily calls, etc.

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General information

With Freshcaller, you don't need expensive and cumbersome hardware to manage your phone communications, everything is dematerialized.

Your customer service/support teams, your sales people and all your employees can easily work remotely, overnight, without technical and logistical complexity.

Moreover, Freshcaller's Voicebots can automatically manage certain customer and prospect requests without human intervention thanks to AI.

Secret's take

In a world where remote working and dematerialized services are multiplying, it was time to send telephony to the cloud and facilitate the life of companies and their call centers. Freshcaller has succeeded in dematerializing telephony services and, at the same time, making life easier for the companies that depend on them.

Freshcaller features

Freshcaller features

  • Simplified number management

    Keep your existing phone numbers, buy local or international numbers, use your phone provider or choose one of Freshcaller's partners. Everything is simple and flexible.

  • Performance monitoring & reporting

    Listen to live calls, operate at any time, record calls and track your performance with a personalized dashboard.

  • Set up and management of call centers

    Manage and customize answering machines by time and customer profile, share phone lines, block spams, and all of this from a single solution.

  • Collaboration & productivity

    Easily initiate conference calls to avoid endless call transfers and minimize the risk of escalation when resolving a problem.

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$1,250 credit (credits only apply on the Estate Plan)