Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Cloud services by Google

Google Cloud helps you accelerate your business transformation by giving you the cloud services you need.

General information

Google Cloud gives you access to the same infrastructures used by Google products such as Gmail, YouTube or Google Search. No worries then, you are in good hands to design, develop, deploy, store and manage your sites and applications.

Secret's take

If like many businesses, Google is already managing your inboxes, shared documents, online ads, analytics, calendar, video meetings and everything is going well ... why not entrust them with your cloud services too?

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Up to $240,000 in credits

You save: $240000

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Google Cloud features

Google Cloud's products and services.

  • Storage & databases

    Relational database management (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server) and storage space in the cloud.

  • Computing power

    Migrations, database execution, scalable virtual machines: get all the power you need for high performance products.

  • Security

    Encryption keys, firewall, API key protection, passwords and certificates. Everything is designed so that your data and users are protected at all times.

  • Developer tools

    Design apps, write code, deploy to production, and easily debug apps hosted in Google Cloud.

  • Build and invest in your cloud with confidence

    Analyze your data to get actionable insights and accelerate your growth.

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Up to $240,000 in credits