Collect professional email addresses fast and connect with anyone.

Hunter lets you gather the professional email addresses behind any website so you can improve your email outreach and prospecting campaigns.

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General information

Hunter is a powerful tool that will locate quickly and easily the name and email address of your potential leads. You can either decide to collect them one by one to contact them directly, or add the addresses in bulk to your database for your next email campaign.

Not only does the tool detect the proven or most probable email addresses in seconds, it also verifies their deliverability. That way, you know you'll get good results.

Secret's take

Getting results from prospecting and lead outreach is done through finding the right contacts. With Hunter you'll be sure to gather the right email addresses you need, to add new prospects to your database and improve your email engagement.

Hunter features

Get all the email addresses you need, from websites, articles or just names, in seconds.

  • Quickly find professional addresses

    Choose the domain you want the email addresses to have, such as ""contact@"", and be sure to only gather the right contacts.

  • Gather all the email addresses behind a website

     Collect multiple addresses from a website, in a bulk to complete your database.

  • Find contacts from any article

    Get the author behind every article and their email address with just a URL.

  • Get relevant addresses only

    The Email Verifier checks the authenticity of every address gathered: format, domain information, response of the mail servers.

  • Complete your database

    Add your leads to your CRM by exporting them or via direct synchronization.

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