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InVision is the platform that allows you to create a digital project with your team, build the product prototype, and then develop the product.This platform will boost the efficiency and speed of both design teams and developers, by allowing them to work and collaborate in real-time - even from a distance.

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Secret's take about InVision

You've got lots of ideas but your project is not moving forward and your teams are lost? Don't give up, InVision is the tool that will allow you to design, prototype and launch your product in no time by collaborating with all your teams in real-time!

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General information about InVision

With InVision, collaborate in real-time with your teams on a whiteboard to brainstorm, define your project, customer journey or even your campaigns.

The platform then allows you to quickly create a prototype, with no code required, using drag and drop.

When your prototype is ready, your devs and designers can exchange and collaborate within the same interface to deliver a result quickly and efficiently.

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InVision features

InVision features

  • Develop your product efficiently

    Your designers and developers can work closely together on the same interface to create your product. To simplify their work, the library allows them to add documents in no time, make modifications and synchronize changes.

  • Easily create prototypes

    Create a responsive product prototype using InVision with no coding required. Your team can then directly comment on the prototype interfaces to optimize your product.

  • Collaborate remotely and efficiently

    Work with all your teams on a single digital whiteboard. InVision allows you to organize your projects and brainstorming sessions in real-time via an intuitive interface.

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