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Digital Marketing Intelligence and Automation solution

Jepto uses machine learning to always stay ahead on anomalies and allow you to get real insights into your data. The tool allows you to automate tasks and work together with your teams to improve campaign performance and management.

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Secret's take about Jepto

Do your teams struggle to collaborate? Does using too many marketing platforms make it hard to quickly detect anomalies?

This is before using Jepto: the tool that will improve your marketing performances and management. Like your own personal helper, Jepto will take you step by step through the process of putting notifications in place for each of the different platforms. Then you can manage your PPC campaigns serenely. Another plus is that you easily import the data into a Data Studio report.

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

General information about Jepto

Jepto is the solution that will allow you to automate data analysis and recurrent tasks, monitor website and keywords ranking, or even track ad expenses.

The tool will also give you insight into your business growth and performance by centralizing all your efforts.

In short, Jetpo will improve the collaboration between your teams and allow you to monitor all your campaigns from one platform.

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Jepto features

Jepto features

  • Quickly detect anomalies

    Jepto analyzes data across your different platforms to notify you whenever something looks strange.

  • Automate tasks and save time

    Automate repetitive tasks such as 404 checks, robots.txt changes, and more.

  • Efficiently manage KPIs

    Set the KPIs you need for your different platforms, manage and analyze them from a single platform.

  • Manage ad spend

    Jepto alerts you through Slack or email to ensure that your ads are performing as they should and that you're not spending too much or too little on campaigns.

  • Centralize data

    Access a client summary to keep an eye on your agency operations.

    A data pipeline gives you advanced reporting and analysis.

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