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Equity management software

Digitalize your cap tables with Ledgy and improve option management by better engaging employees and investors and automating tasks.

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Secret's take about Ledgy

For every startup who wants to easily access options data, efficiently manage the options process, and visualize the current and future state of the company's health, without getting a headache.

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General information about Ledgy

Ledgy allows you to manage employee benefits, stock options, transactions and investor relations, as well as easily model the financial future for your company.

Yes, all of it from a single platform.

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Ledgy features

Ledgy features

  • Improve employees management and engagement

    Allow your employees to self-manage their equity. HR can create required documents in minutes with auto-fill and digital signatures.

  • Boost options management

    Access a cap table with real time updates to handle your equity actions.

  • Analyze company performance

    Collaborate with stakeholders on your company's KPIs, and monitor its performance with custom reports and an overview of your portfolio status.

  • Automate processes with equity workflows

    Access automatically up-to-date data, use templates to create documents, and update employees granting, exercising and even signatures.

  • Ensure your company's financial health

    Access funding rounds and exits models and collaborate on them to make the best decisions for your company.

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50% discount for startup with less than 2m€ funding