Turn website visitors into qualified sales calls, instantly

Limecall enables you to receive real-time voice calls from your website's visitors and thus increasing your conversions.Our software give you everything you need to improve call generation, response time, sales results and efficiency of your team.Wow your visitors by offering world class customer experience 24/7 to let them connect with your sales support team and book qualified meetings instantly.

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General information

LimeCall is a sales enablement platform with features such as click to call, live call back, call tracking and smart lead routing to the right team members.

With over 40+ features, this is the only widget your b2b product needs to offer an modern customer experience to increase conversions. You can limecall in multiple ways:

• As a lead generation widget > allows visitors to call your team or book meetings instantly from your web site

• As a lead qualification tool > allows only qualified leads to call or book meetings based on your teams live calendar availability

• As a second number - buy and assign phone numbers to your team and use the numbers on your website

• As a call tracking tool - assign unique numbers for each campaign or use a unique number on your site to identify your source traffic on sales calls

• As a booking software - Calendly+Live phone calls = LimeCall > No more missed calls or missed meetings as limecall automatically retries phone calls and connects over sms with reminders

• As lead management - Receive calls on your browser / mobile app / mobile phone or any landline across the globe from your website

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