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General information

Great products are built by teams who know their users. Go beneath the surface to learn which features are popular, who your power users are, and the behaviors tied to long-term retention.

Keep data clean and usable through efficient management. Define, manage, and transform your data easily. By creating a trustworthy foundation with plenty of context about the user actions you track, anyone can do accurate analysis and make sound decisions with data.

Connect your data to stack through the use of Mixpanel's integrations. Only Mixpanel enables interactive event analysis from Snowflake, Big Query, or Redshift. Use their connectors to get setup and make it easy to explore product and user data behavior data without SQL. Mixpanel offers more than 50 integrations to help you bring the right data and trigger targeted actions, including AWS, Google Cloud, Segment, and Zapier.

Keep customer data safe from end to end and meet data and privacy transfer regulations. Exceed your customers' privacy expectations and give them greater peace of mind.

Check out Mixpanel's tutorials to to make sure you 100% take advantage of the services it has to offer. Get started today!

Mixpanel features

Detailed, real-time insight into how people interact with your products

  • Interactive reports

    Reports let you query your data with only a few clicks, then see visualizations in seconds. This makes it easy to answer question after question about how your product is used, who sticks around, and much more

  • Team dashboards and alerts

    Ship outcomes, not features. Whether you care about product adoption, retention, or other custom metrics, Mixpanel dashboards summarize how the things you ship move the numbers that matter

  • Limitless segmentation

    Analyze why metrics change. Understanding the hidden patterns beneath a trend is key to taking your product in the right direction. Mixpanel specializes in ad-hoc analysis that gets to the root of your problems and opportunities

  • Group analytics

    Go beyond user analysis. Group Analytics lets you calculate metrics at the account or company level, like product adoption, active usage, and retention. B2B Saas companies understand their customers' usage patterns to drive upsell and prevent churn

  • Scalable infrastructure

    Analytics you won't outgrow. Mixpanel is designed for analyzing raw user event stream data at scale, without any pre-computation. The infrastructure ingests trillions of events per year and returns high-volume queries in seconds, making it the tool of choice for high-growth companies

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$50,000 in Mixpanel Credits