Product analytics platform

Mixpanel helps you continuously improve your products through analytics. You understand what your users like, how they interact with your products and services, and ultimately how to offer them what they really need.

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General information

Understanding which features are used the most, why your users stop using your product or, on the contrary, become power users, or what boosts your conversion and adoption rates: all this is essential information to build a successful product on the long run.

With Mixpanel's analytics, you can easily track key metrics and measure changes in user behavior, so you can quickly get answers to your questions, confirm or reject assumptions, and make changes to your products.

Secret's take

Do you really want to know what your users want and how to improve your products? Then stop asking your colleague Barry from accounting for his opinion. Try Mixpanel instead - you'll get super-precise product analytics and valuable insight into what your users expect.

Mixpanel features

Key Mixpanel features

  • Dashboard and alerts

    Build custom dashboards to track data that is important to you. Configure alerts to be aware of when this data changes.

  • Limitless segmentation

    Segment your users based on any attribute in order to have the most specific and accurate vision of your product.

  • Interactive reports

    Filter your live data in a few clicks to get the answers to your questions.

  • Data Management

    Easily manage and edit your data to always have the best context on your users.

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$50,000 in Mixpanel Credits