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Bring clarity to your team today with a single, collaborative workspace.

Add any content, then rearrange to get the job done with "Drag & Drop". Notion's editor helps you structure your thoughts, with templates for Startups, Remote Work, and more available to you to keep you on track.

Define and add your own tags to organize your information the way you want with Notion's customization option.

Real-time collaboration allows you to comment anywhere to start a discussion. Mention your coworkers when you need an input.

Control access levels for individuals or whole teams to edit, comment, or just read using Notion's Advanced Permissions.

Integrate 500+ other apps inside Notion pages, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. Create a hub for everything your team is working on or take advantage of Notion's API to access your content programmatically.

Get your work done, no matter where you are. Notion is your hub for asynchronous communication. Never miss a message, always know what's next, and edit documents seamlessly without stepping on each other's toes. Everyone is equipped with the same information so your team can avoid work duplication.

Notion's powerful search lets you jump to what you need immediately with fast and hyper-relevant results. You can add filters for even more precision.

Work is made more logical, no more messy or confusing folders thanks to the organized sidebar.

Check out Notion's tips and tricks to help you setup your workspace. Get started today!

Notion features

Notion blends your everyday work apps into one

  • Project management

    Flexible Kanban boards, lists, and tables to run any process. Instantly view the status of projects, and create and automate custom workflows.

  • Team Wiki

    Create a central knowledge base for your team's long-term memory

  • Shared docs

    Designed so everyone will want to contribute and collaborate

  • Take advantage of Notion's templates

    Real Notion pages built by Notion's team and community

  • A vibrant, creative community

    Get introduced to new people and grow your skills. Community members host virtual, make videos, build and share Notion setups, and more!

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Frances Odera Matthews is a Certified Notion Consultant/Coach, template builder and official Notion Ambassador based in the UK. She's the founder of The Notion Bar, where she helps people and small businesses level-up through her services.

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$1,000 credits (lifetime validity)