Internet hosting, Cloud and dedicated servers

OVH Cloud makes it possible to control your production chain, from design and development, to the deployment of your projects, websites and apps.

General information

Among the European leaders in cloud services, OVH has 32 data centers in 19 countries to accommodate its 400,000 servers. OVH offers robust and flexible infrastructures to host websites and applications.

Project management, database, storage, AI, Machine Learning and cloud computing, all these are pay-as-you-go services and designed to be scalable. Young startups as well as more mature companies will therefore find the infrastructure and cloud services they need for their day-to-day management and long-time growth.

Secret's take

If you are looking for European hosting and cloud computing services for your applications, then look no further. OVH is the French AND European leader in cloud services. But worry not, this cloud giant also owns data centers all over the world.

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OVHcloud features

OVH's products and services

  • Hosting

    Host all your data in the cloud, with the highest level of security and data protection. You also benefit from rolling-back capability to make it easier to recover any lost data.

  • Analytics

    Benefit from the best service and infrastructure analytics to make the most of your data and use it to grow your business.

  • Management interface

    Interact easily with your resources thanks to the OVH API but also to several interfaces created to make your life easier: simple graphical consoles and command line tools.

  • AI & Machine Learning

    Train algorithms and access world-class predictive analysis tools.

  • Databases

    OVH Cloud takes care of everything for you: Configuration, backup, security, scalability and flexibility of your databases.

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Up to $120,000 in OVHcloud credits