Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster

Automate sales and marketing activities, boost your productivity

PhantomBuster makes it easy to automate any recurring marketing or sales tasks that you do manually today, for example: identifying new prospects and adding them to your CRM, copying / pasting data from one platform to another, send follow-up emails, like and follow social accounts, etc.

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General information

With PhantomBuster, not only do you automate many recurring and tedious tasks, but you can also automatically extract data from web pages (scraping) to feed your CRM, your database or even your social network accounts.

Design and build automation workflows, schedule actions and focus on higher value-added tasks.

You only receive the notifications you deem important and choose the right notification channel for you (email, Slack or in the PhantomBuster app). You are informed in real-time of the status and progress of any of your automation processes.

If you have any questions, PhantomBuster customer service are available 24/7.

Secret's take

To grow your startup, you need to attract and convert an audience, generate leads and identify your growth channels. To do all that, we need to enact a lot of repetitive, not especially exciting but equally very imporant processes. Mining internet data into your CRM (like the LinkedIn profile of your next lead), liking and following prospects and influencers etc etc. Rather than doing everything by hand, PhantomBuster enables you to program and automate all these tasks. No more mental fatigue, you can save your energy for higher value tasks.

Phantom Buster features

Automate recurring tasks with low added value, become more productive.

  • Task automation

    Add some automation to your marketing and sales processes to accelerate your growth.

  • Extract data from the web to fuel your business

    Data is the lifeblood of your marketing and sales activities, with PhantomBuster it becomes accessible wherever you need it.

  • Schedule automations

    With PhantomBuster, schedule your workflows in advance and let them work for you even overnight.

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