Go passwordless and simplify your users' authentification

SAWO is the tool that will allow you to increase conversion by onboarding users quicker.Say goodbye to asking users to create and enter a password that they'll probably forget, and say hello to secure authentication.

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General information

With SAWO you make sure your users always get a quick and secure access to your app: they won't need to remember another password or lose time login in. By saving them time and making the onboarding process quick and easy, you can assure to reduce your bouncing rate.

But users won't be the only ones saving time: your developers will also thank you as they won't be needing to create and maintain an authentication module anymore!

Secret's take

Your bouncing rate keeps growing because after having set 530 different passwords, your users can't remember the one they used to log in on your app? Or maybe they just don't have the time to type it in?

You might think this is nonsense, but it does happen.

Or at least, it does happen to people who still don't use SAWO: simplify authentication for your users and start increasing your conversion rate.

SAWO Labs features

Simplify authentication for your users and decrease the bouncing rate.

  • Quickly set up your passwordless authentication

    Only a few minutes are required to make your transition.

  • Reduce your bouncing rate

    Easy and quick logins will prevent users from forgetting their password and leaving your app.

  • Set-up authentication in all platforms

    With its cross-platform support, SAWO prevents you from having to migrate to new authentication processes.

  • Ensure authentication security

    Your users' authentications are secure with no saved data, cookies, or phishing.

  • Improve security even more with biometric authentication

    Make sure users are recognized and that their authentication is completely secure.

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