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Collecting and analyzing customer data is critical in finding product-market fit. Startups, from early-stage to unicorn, use Segment as their single hub to collect, manage, and route analytics data.

Connect all of your customer data. Segment is the single platform to collect, unify, and connect your customer data. Collect the full view of the customer across your apps, sales, support, payment, and messaging experiences.

Say goodbye to bad data. Protect the integrity of your data and your decisions. You can't make informed decisions if you don't trust your underlying data. But without tools to proactively identify tracking issues, your company wastes time cleaning up data to make it useful. With Protocols, you can be confident your data is accurate in all the tools you use.

Power all your apps with the same data. Integrate your data with over 300 apps, like Mixpanel, HubSpot, Amplitude, and Twilio, with the flip of a switch. Segment has built APIs to make querying and accessing your data super easy.

Learn the advice, tips, and tricks from people and companies using Segment to power their data driven decisions. Level-up your analytics knowledge learning from top industry experts with the choice between 6 courses as part of Segment's Academy.

Segment features

A complete data toolkit for your team and your company

  • Personalize every interaction

    Segment enables personalized, consistent, and real-time customer experiences. Unify your customer's touchpoints across all platforms and channels. Understand your customer journey

  • Build data-driven products

    Segment enables data-driven decision-making and high-performance teams. Collect user event data from all web, mobile, and warehouse sources

  • The ultimate data pipeline

    Segment is the single platform to collect and manage analytics data. Enable company-wide data standardization

  • Streamline your regulatory compliance

    Accelerate compliance with regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA with automated data subject rights management and Segment's open-source consent manager. Whether your customers want you to delete or modify their data, or even stop collecting it entirely, Segment has you covered

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$50,000 credits over 12 months