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A quick financing solution for your business

Silvr offers an alternative to traditional fundraising. In less than 24 hours, companies can leverage their growth potential. The money borrowed can help launch acquisition campaigns to boost your visibility or be an ideal cash injection at the most opportune moment.

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Secret's take about Silvr

Scaling your business can cost an arm and a leg (I really hope that's just an expression). But, luckily for us, there’s a solution.

Everyone knows that finding the funds you need to grow can be hard enough, let alone for a young startup. Silvr’s Revenue Based Financing platform allows you access capital without dilution helping you accelerate your growth.

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

Silvr promo code: 50% of your first financing with no commissions up to 100k€

Discover our Silvr promo code and coupons that give you access to 50% of your first financing with no commissions up to 100k€ and up to $5000 savings in October 2022. In the last 90 days, this Silvr promo code has been used 16 times. This exclusive Silvr deal is available for new Silvr customers. With Secret, you can benefit from 210+ verified deals and discounted prices to save money on the best SaaS and subscriptions services for your startup.

General information about Silvr

For many young companies, financing is strategic if they want to grow. Startups in particular can face great difficulties in obtaining funds. Bank debt or equity financing have their drawbacks. For this reason, Silvr offers an alternative. Instead of raising new funds to get started, this fintech player offers low-cost loans.

Silvr is based on Revenue Based Financing (RBF). In concrete terms, companies repay the loan when they can and according to their income. This approach is able to provide financing to project owners within 24 hours. This speed comes from the rapid analysis of the company’s performance, which allows the application to be validated or invalidated in a few minutes. In addition, Silvr accelerates the growth of companies without affecting the capital of the borrowing company. 100% of the capital is retained and you can finance your company without any dilute process.

For the e-commerce sector, Silvr offers a quick cash injection. You only have to pay back the loan with a delay of several weeks and only when sales are made. There is no payment schedule, but a fixed percentage of the turnover is deducted. Companies selling products in SaaS mode can turn part of their subscriptions into cash flow if necessary.

In all cases, this method of financing can be one-time or regular. Small companies with high potential no longer have to waste time looking for funds.

Interested in Silvr? Get 50% of your first financing with no commissions up to 100k€ on Silvr with our promo code and save up to $5000.

Silvr features

Boost your company’s growth while staying cool

  • Access revenue-based financing

    There’s no need for complex and time-consuming fundraising. Silvr lends you the money you need to grow your business. Pay back when you can and at your own pace.

  • Clear and precise eligibility criteria

    No more commissions with obscure criteria. SaaS, D2C, DNVB e-shops, or marketplaces with 6 months of existence can apply for Silvr loans. No surprises, the selection criteria are clearly displayed before any financing request.

  • Finance your e-commerce business

    Pay supplier invoices or advertising agencies with ease. With flexible repayments without a schedule, your business can grow without worry. Silvr even provides you with a reloadable payment card to pay your expenses.

  • Turn your recurring revenue into cash

    Within 24 hours, get cash flow based on future recurring revenue from your SaaS products. Monthly, quarterly, or annually, you decide which subscriptions will be turned into immediate cash without impacting your ARR.

  • Keep 100% of your capital

    Unlike other financing options such as bank loans or fundraising, Silvr does not touch your capital. No guarantees or hidden fees, you can accelerate your company’s growth with complete peace of mind.

Interested in Silvr? Get 50% of your first financing with no commissions up to 100k€ on Silvr with our promo code and save up to $5000.

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50% of your first financing with no commissions up to 100k€