Optimize the cost of the paid software you use

SubOps tracks for you the number of inactive users for each software you use. You receive alerts via Slack when you pay for inactive users.

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General information

With SubOps, you can reduce the number of paying users for software that you don't use much. And you save money on your subscriptions.

If you pay a subscription for 10 users and only 5 users are really active on the software... why not simply pay for only 5 users? That's what SubOps automatically tracks.

Secret's take

For those of you who are tired of paying for software that, in the end, nobody uses, SubOps will put you back to sleep (and the money you threw out the window).

SubOps features

SubOps features.

  • Save your money

    Identify and deactivate unnecessary subscriptions.

  • Save your time

    Don't waste any more time trying to figure out who is or isn't connecting to which software... SubOps does it for you and alerts you via Slack.

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