Sweet Show

Sweet Show

Track your prospects’ interest in your offers in real time.

Knowledge is power. Discover your clients’ and prospects’ interest and behaviour when consulting your offers and presentations. In less than 5 minutes, personalise your sequences, your follow-up messages, and your meetings.

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General information

With Sweet Show, prepare your prospection sequences and your client meetings, and follow their performance in real-time.

Create a personalised space for your prospect or client, add the relevant content and media, and launch your meeting. As you’re wrapping up, share your documents with your client and leave safe in the knowledge you made a great impression. Sweet Show fits into your current workflow and augments your ability to make informed decisions, backed by data.

Sharing content is fast and simple — almost like magic! By email or customised link, measure the performance of your shared documents in real time. Finally discover your prospects’ and clients’ behaviour thanks to easy-to-read, high-value analytics: measure interest, open rates, recurring visits, individual content opens, time spent per page, etc. and get back in touch at the right moment with the right tailor-made message.

Find out which subjects resonate the most with your clients, and adjust your offers to match — no more wasting time on fruitless follow-up emails based on nothing but rough intuition. Sweet Show makes it all easier. Create, personalise, test, and improve your key content (offers, pitches, presentations, training decks, etc.) faster than ever, thanks to smart data.

Not sure where to start to get selling, or looking to improve? We’re by your side to kickstart your sales and boost your sales ramp-up thanks to our onboarding process!

Or maybe your sales process is already tried and true? Dive into our Atomic Content framework to drive further results and quasi-automate your content production workflow!

Sweet Show features

  • No more choosing between prospecting or converting

    Prospecting is all about volume. With Sweet Show, no need to trade off volume against personalisation — automate the creation of tailor-made offers in less than 3 minutes. With “Spaces”, create and organise a customised client space in a single click, to bring a high-value experience to your prospect or client. Right away, create a stand-out experience.

  • Effective follow-ups to boost conversion

    Measure how much time your prospects spend on your offers, discover who has read what content, how much time they spent on each, and uncover essential information to personalise your sales meetings and adapt your sales arguments efficiently.

  • Measure your audience and A/B test your content

    Bring Lean methodology to the sales cycle. Create, launch, test, and measure the performance of your content with your audience. Iterate on your offers and arguments with ease. Find the perfect working formula, and scale it faster than ever.

  • Discover Atomic Content to improve your closing

    Already mature in your sales process and looking to go further?

    Automate your content production thanks to Atomic Content, a framework dedicated to the fluid preparation of your documents, hand-crafted and aligned to each key step of the sales cycle.

    This method can prove particularly effective in onboarding and training new sales talent — training content is available in the platform.

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