Cloud application debugging tool

With Thundra, developers can start debugging their app directly from their code editor.

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General information

Thundra is a simple to set up and use debugging tool that allows developers to quickly identify and fix problems in their application before and after it goes into production.

No matter which resource or file is causing unexpected slowdowns or errors, it becomes easy to trace the source of bugs and implement the necessary fixes.

Secret's take

If you are losing your eyesight by rereading your logs twenty times and you are fed up with the incomprehensible graphs of monitoring tools, Thundra is made for you.

Thundra features

Thundra features.

  • Identify issues before deploying to production

    Identify and solve problems before they impact your users (and therefore your business) by using Thundra in your development and testing environment.

  • Understand the behavior of your application

    Add debugging steps in your editor to quickly understand how elements interact and where problems emerge.

  • Quickly identify the cause of bugs

    Whether the problem is with your code or another service, you can identify the problem at a glance.

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