Debug your cloud apps in pre&post production

Thundra is a must-have developer tool for debugging & troubleshooting cloud applications. Using Thundra’s distributed tracing integrated with production debugging, developers can understand if the issue is caused by their code or one of the services. Developers can start debugging their applications immediately from their IDE and understand the issue in the application code by monitoring the real cloud environment. They can troubleshoot issues quickly by seeing where the distributed transactions get stuck and understand the impact on other services and to customers if any. Developers can directly pinpoint the resources which behave slower than expected and urge the responsible teams and/or colleagues when they need to find the performance bottlenecks in their applications.

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General information

Are you stuck in log piles or tired of monitoring tools? We understand the fact that you just need to resolve issues. Don't spend your valuable time between piles of logs and charts.

Catch the issues before production

Detect and resolve problems before they impact your users/business. Use Thundra in your test/staging environments to debug your code and goto production with more confidence.

Understand your application behavior

Trace your distributed event-driven systems easily and understand the behavior of your microservice cloud applications.

Find the Issue’s Root-Cause in Lightspeed

Pinpoint and understand the root cause of the errors/latencies in your systems blazing fast. Quickly detect if the issue is caused by your code or one of the other services.

Thundra works well with: Serverless, Containers, Kubernetes, VMs AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Development, Staging/Test, Production Java, Node.js, Python, .Net, Go Pagerduty, Opsgenie, Slack, MS Teams, etc.

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